Are You Buying Into The Hype And Believing It’s True?

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Are You Buying Into The Hype And Believe It’s True?

I got an email this morning, one in which I didn’t ask for and one in which is not a real business opportunity.  This kind of stuff has to stop in our home based business industry.  Want to see it?

Okay here’s the “Get In Now!” email…

Note:  I changed the name of the deal to XYZ.


Subject Line: [YOUR LIVE LINK], your XYZ sign up link is LIVE

As promised, here is your LIVE XYZ Link.

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Learn ToSmell AFake Business Opportunity

My friends, THIS is not a business.

THIS is smelly, stinky, get rich quick gig that’s not going to get you anywhere but heart break and believing that our home based business industry is nothing but hogwash.

How do I know?

I’ve been there in my early gullible days when I was searching for ANYTHING to make money online.  Once upon a time I was gullible or wishful or “gosh wouldn’t that be nice if it worked?”.

Our human nature is to want to find the easy way to do a thing.

I confess, I did two of these kinds of deals early on and while I don’t regret it because the biggest teacher of all is the hard lessons we learn through poor decision making, I wish someone would have just told me to stay clear to begin with.

A Real home based business takes work.

But it’s the kind of work where you’re creating an asset for you and your family, not your bosses.

It brings you joy and a reason to jump out of bed in the morning.

It brings you a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.

It bring you a sense of purpose and accomplishment.

You’re building a legacy for your family.

It’s honorable.

It  makes you feel proud in a humble way.

You’re not ashamed or embarrassed to let your family and friends know about your product just as if you opened a restaurant and want to let everyone know.

We all want to make money sooner than later but quick rich gigs are not your answer.

You have options when it comes to picking a real home based business to align yourself with.

There are business models that can get you to where you want to be in a short period of time.

There are business models that pay lifestyle income with just one or two sales a month.

There are business models that require a long term build but you’ll get there over time.

Regardless of business model that fits your needs and desires, it’s NOT what’s in the email I just showed you above.

Here….This graphic is what you’re really looking for.

Get In Now! (1)

Here’s some things to look for in a real home based business.

Real products not price gouged.
Real demand for the product.
Real office to call for support.
Real people who have really used the product and can testify.
Real compensation plan that protects the interest of it’s distributors
No drama.  If it’s good to join now, it will be good to join later.
Real work you have to do.
Real good track record of happy customers
You get the point.

What is the real work that it takes?

The “work” is learning new skillsets and applying them. It’s most likely skillsets you’ve never learned and like anything new, you’ve got to learn a new skill.

If you wanted to be a cook and you’ve never cooked before, well, you gotta learn how to cook and ruin a few things.

If you want to ride a bike and you’ve never it before, well, you gotta learn and you’ll probably fall a few times.

If you want to play the guitar and you’ve never it before, well, you gotta put in the time to learn and get through the painful fingers to build callouses.

It’s showing up to do the work and not being lazy. It’s not quitting. It’s trying new things a different way if at first the feedback you get doesn’t work. It’s working on mindset more than you ever have in your life.

And if you do the work and put in your time and don’t quit, you’ll be able to have what others can’t have; the freedom life you dream about.

A Real Business takes Thinking and Acting In a Different Way.

You’ve got to take the employee hat OFF.  This employee hat is where someone tells you what to do at what time and how to do it.

You get paid for the hours you logged and the value your boss places on you is based on your hourly wage or salary and you think that’s all you’re worth.

You’ve got to put ON your entrepreneur hat where YOU tell yourself what you’re going to do at what time and you enjoy the learning process of how to do something.

If you can’t figure it out you outsource it because you’e the boss and bosses hire others to work for them.

You are not paid based on the hours you put in but on the value you bring to others. The more valuable you are to others, the more money you make. You become more valuable by helping others get what they want.

Your worth is invaluable.

Learn ToSmell AFake Business Opportunity (1)

Your real business will like crossing a bridge.  It’s will be a wobbly venture with heart pounding while swaying back and forth trying to find your sea legs, but it will be the greatest adventure of your life!  It’s absolutely worth crossing because everything you want in life is on the other side of the bridge. ~ Debbie Turner 

Today message is really to stay clear of the invites you get like the one above.

If you seriously want to start a home based business, click here, fill out the form and let’s chat.

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Much love!

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