Are you a Leader in Your Network Marketing Company?

group_of_people XSmallAre you a leader?

You determine whether you are a leader at any given moment of your life with your actions.

So what does it mean to be a leader?

It’s no secret that to make it big in business and network marketing you must be one.  People want to follow leaders.

Being a leader means you have firmly made the resolution within yourself that you will rise to the challenges of your life, and meet them with leadership mentality.

The mentality that . . .

  • There is no obstacle you cannot overcome
  • No challenge which you can not endure
  • No problem that will cause you to give up your goals
  • You see where you’re going and have a plan
  • You are constantly learning
  • You are constantly giving back
  • You inspire others through your story
  • You are a visionary
  • You help people find the best in themselves
  • You believe in others even when they don’t believe in themselves
  • You lead by example

The leadership mentality is simple but not easy.  You have to want it.  You have to become a study of personal development.  It’s taking charge of your life and/or your business in such a way that others want to follow you.

Leadership in network marketing is absolutely crucial.  Network marketing in an industry that revolves around people becoming leaders, building organizations, and creating more leaders.

If you aren’t a leader yourself…you will have a very difficult time getting thousands of people to follow you in your business.  You can still make sales and create an income, but the big growth will be in your leadership.

When you are a leader, people will see that and follow you at will.  If you want to hit it big in your network marketing business, it will be necessary to become a leader, hone your skills and set into those shoes for the world to see.


So how do you become a leader?


the-21-indispensable-qualities-of-a-leaderJohn C. Maxwell wrote many books on leadership but a great one to get and reference is “The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader“.

Start doing what leaders do.

A leader has TRUE value to offer others.

If you have real value to offer people they will come to you to get it.  Everyone wants to know how to do things better,be better, and achieve more success.  And they look to people who have learned in some way what that is, and can share it with them.

Leadership starts with the intention that YOU WILL BE A LEADER.

That doesn’t mean you need to be some fiery, well spoken, “on the stage” leader.  But it does mean you have real value to share with others.

When you begin the process of education yourself, you begin to build your own value.  And the more value you have, the more value you can offer to other people.  Hence the more people will be inclined to follow you.

And once you have reached an influential point where others respect you for what is between your head and will listen….you create enormous network marketing organizations.

Don’t you think then, it’s pretty important to work on yourself all the time?

Don’t you think it’s important to build YOUR OWN value so you have more value to offer other people?

Other tips:

**When you are in the trenches everyday working hard for yourself, you are in the game of what you tell others to do.  Lead by example.

** Attend conventions, seminars and events to network and build strong relationships.  Set the example.

** Give back.  Do things selflessly for other people.  Give your best knowledge, your best you to those under your wing.   You get what you give.  Start giving incredible things to this world and you will get incredible things back.

As you develop your inner self through personal development, the leader inside of you will start to emerge and it will be obvious to others.  It can take time but the leader inside you will come out.  If you want to be the best in your network marketing business, you must be willing to step into those leader shoes or you will struggle until you quit.

Having said that…. stay strong in personal development, set your goals, plan your work and work your plan, help others and be available for your team members.  Soon you’ll be shining and others will want to join you.

I believe in you and am cheering you on!

Have an awesome ‘ leadership” day!

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PS:  Leave me a comment below and let’s talk about this… I love this stuff!  What are you doing right now to effect change in your life, to create abundance, to share your gifts and talents to impact the world and to prepare to change lives?

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