Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

affiliate marketing for beginners

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

I love affiliate marketing!  I can't lie! 


I've been making a full time living from my businesses online and I make most of my income from affiliate marketing. 

Network marketing is great and I've recruited hundreds of people into my business, however, it's more 'hands on' with your team, vs. just making money quietly without any big hoopla, phones ringing, emails going off and your text blowing up.  

If you're asking yourself, "How does affiliate marketing work?", be sure and check out my very detailed blog I wrote about it.

And, oftentimes with network marketing, you are creating your own websites and marketing sales letters to avoid the company replicated sites. 

With Affiliate marketing, you use what the company gives you and it works

Affiliate marketing for beginners is really the easiest way to make money FAST online WITHOUT having to worry about:

  • downlines
  • team building
  • leadership
  • one-on-one coaching
  • feeling like you have to know everything internet marketing
  • creating websites
  • blogs and products
  • understanding ad copy
  • creating products with upsells and downsells
  • managing a payment gateway
  • handling support


With affiliate marketing it's all done FOR YOU. 

Here's a video I made to show you how quick and simple it is to grab your affiliate link and get it out in your marketing.  This really is affiliate marketing for beginners.  Anyone can do this.

I took the liberty to post some examples of commissions you can earn on some of the affiliate products I mentioned in the video.

Below are my all time favorite affiliate products and commissions. 

The products give me everything I need to succeed AND the e-lifestyle leverage. 

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners Tip: 

If you're going to be an affiliate marketer, then position yourself for success.  Be "All In".  Meaning… purchase what you need to learn how to market and buy at the highest level for the best commissions in return.

NOTE:  Regarding all affiliate programs….Prices may raise or lower constantly during testing periods, special offers, or sales.


Magnetic Sponsoring Commissions:

Affiliates are paid a flat $20 commission for the Magnetic Sponsoring E-Book,

40% commission for sales made on all other Magnetic Sponsoring products,

40% commission for one time offers

40% commission is paid on What's Working Now.

Even if you don't own a certain product you can still promote it and earn commissions.

Note: Prices may raise or lower constantly during testing periods, special offers, or sales.

Learn More and Buy Magnetic Sponsoring HERE

For FREE Attraction Marketing Bootcamp HERE

Sign up to be an Affiliate HERE


Empower Network Commissions:

Affiliates are paid 100% of the commissions earned.  You are not required to purchase in order to receive a commission however you will have to qualify by passing sales up.  It's best to buy everything… it's fabulous products, fabulous value and it's a cash machine. 

Assuming you have all the products, here's what you receive. 

$25/mo recurring on the basic membership and blog product.

$100/mo recurring on the Inner Circle Audios

$500 on the Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive

$1000 on the $15K per Month Formula

NOTE:  There is a required monthly $19.95 Affiliate Fee if you want to promote and earn commissions.

Learn more and buy Empower Network HERE



Global Resorts Network Commissions
(Lifetime Travel Club Membership in $7 trillion a year industry – best deal)

If you own the products, you can be paid on the products. If you own a smaller package but sell the larger package, you will will receive the smaller package commission and forfeit the rest.  Here's the payout for each direct sale you make.

    Silver Membership – $1,000
    Platinum Membership – $3,250
    Platinum Plus Membership – $7,700

Learn more and buy Global Resorts Network Here

NOTE:  GRN JUST went to straight up affiliate. 

All network marketing aspects have been removed
and new videos are not up yet.  If you're interested,
call me immediately.




MyLeadSystemPro Commissions –
Sliding Scale and Benefits Added as you Build

The pay structure varies depending on your performance.  The range is from everything from being paid a flat $15 commission for the monthly recurring billing paid by your team members.


50% commissions on personally sponsored MLSP member subscription payments instead of 30%
70% commission increase on select MLSP product commissions from personally sponsored members 3
Receive 2nd tier commissions set at 15% of MLSP purchase price (must stay qualified as an L6 or above)

When you refer 50 MLSP monthly subscriptions that have paid their first full-month fee for Gold or Platinum, with a minimum of 25 subscriptions still active
 you receive a complimentary account

Learn more and MLSP HERE

Free Webinar Training Example HERE




Daegan Smith's Maximum Leverage Training Commissions

Commissions are varied from flat rate to 50% and more on some occasions.

You can get a free affiliate account and then login to see all the products and percentages paid.  Way too many to list here!

Learn more and sign up for a free Affiliate Partner Account HERE

Join Maximum Leverage HERE

Daegan's Free Bootcamp HERE


I hope you enjoyed this Affiliate Marketing for Beginners article and here's to your Affiliate Marketing Success! 


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