9 Steps To Quick-Start Your Network Marketing Home Based Business



Starting your home business in network marketing is certainly fun and exciting but often times may seem daunting in terms of getting yourself positioned online.

What happens to most  new entrepreneurs then, is they become like a deer in headlights which is never good.  They don’t have clear picture of what to do, what direction to head, or what foundational pieces are important in today’s society and as a result, they do nothing but fumble or worse yet, they never get started.

My hope is that this blog post clears a path as you begin your journey and gives you a direction to head.

By following these 9 steps, you will be well on your way to establishing your foundation upon which you will build your business from there.

Let’s get right down to it my friend.

1)  Purchase your domain name.  I recommend you grab your name.com.  If it’s taken, be creative.  Here are some other ideas.


Play around with some ideas and then go with the best.  The reason you want to use your name is because you will be branding yourself.  You don’t want to brand your network marketing company, you want to brand YOU.  You ARE your business and you will find that people will join YOU because of YOU.

I use GoDaddy for all my domains and hosting and I always pay extra to get the privacy option.

2.  Install and set up your blog. I highly recommend you stay with the wordpress.org platform to prevent your blog from deletion or shut down.

DO NOT use any free hosting sites such as Blogspot for example, because you do not have control over your blog getting deleted, plus you’re very limited to the features and benefits available.

After you have uploaded the wordpress platform to your domain, (and GoDaddy can walk you through the process) you can search for free and paid themes on Google and upload them to your server.  Now you’re ready to configure and “pimp out” your blog.

I use themes by Studio Press and I love them.

Create your important Pages on your blog.  Everyone does things a bit different, however, here are at least 4 pages I highly recommend you incorporate:

“About Me”  Write a paragraphs about yourself, things you like to do, about your family and why you started a home business.

“Resources” (some like to call it other things such as “Toolbox”, “Recommended Resources”, “Tools”).  Use what YOU like.  It’s your business and your look and feel.

“Featured” (this is your business opportunity).  Some call it other things such as “Recommended”, “Work with _____(fill in your name)”, “Partner with ____ your name”, etc.

“Contact Me”  

3.  Create a handful of blog posts that provide value to your reader.  These articles are not pitching your opportunity.  Create value for your readers such as personal development tips, business strategies and tips, trainings of some kind, book reviews, inspiration, etc.  You can write these yourself or you can outsource them.

4.  Set up a Facebook Profile. In fact, after you do that, you may want to set up a Facebook Fan Page which will serve as your business site on Facebook.  Both of these are free.  You can set these up at www.Facebook.com

5.  Set up a Twitter account.  You can do that at www.Twitter.com and it’s free.  It’s easy to simply make a tweet so it’s fast and easy to incorporate into your marketing.

6.  Set up a YouTube account.  You can do that at www.YouTube.com and it’s free.

7.  Set up your autoresponder.  There are several on the market but Aweber is the best in my opinion for deliverability and functionality and customer service.  Learn more about Aweber Autoresponder .  Here’s the value of an autoresponder.

8.  Plug into a training platformto learn how to market your business using attraction marketing, how to generate traffic, how to build a list and convert that into lifelong paying customers, business partners and friends.   Here’s the one and only I recommend.

9.  Put together a marketing plan that works for you.  Know what your strategy for productivity will be and then get to work.  Now that you have all your online profiles set up

You can easily have this done within 30 days, even if you work full time.  Once you’ve gotten this done, you are ready to learn some marketing strategies and begin your journey.  Watch for additional posts on each of these steps to help you further.

By having these above established, you are in a position now to develop relationships with your prospects and provide them venues to not only learn more about you, but to trust you and understand your core values.  This is key in business.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below and I’m happy to lend a hand.  And as always, I love to hear your thoughts, ideas and opinions!  I appreciate you!

I believe in you!

Debbie Turner
Freedom Entrepreneur


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