9 Steps to Move Past Where You Are Into Where You Want To Go

debbie turner

In part 1 of this article which you can read here, I shared my antipathy for the incessant negativity that is being spoon fed to the masses whether it's venue is the TV, radio, in print or from political platforms worldwide.  If you haven't read it, I think it's worth your time and consideration to do so. 

This does not mean I have my head in the sand and am not paying attention to what's happening in our economy which in turns directly effects or threatens our way of life.  Quite the opposite.  You see, the doomsday message alone has a sad and hopeless ending.  The rest of the story has been left to the imagination rather than the bootstraps of every individual to find a solution and take responsibility in preparing and even creating wealth among the crisis.  This article is meant as a wake up and shake up for those who agree with me.

Basically, my tolerance level for the almighty doomsday message is reaching an all time high and I'm speaking out.  I'm not only sick of hearing it from the media and politicians but also  tired of  hearing it repeated back to me by those who reach out to me for help and when I give them a direction or present an opportunity to them, they make excuses as to why they CAN'T do something about it. 

They can.  We all can. It's simply a decision.  If there's a will, there's a way which proves time and time again to be true.

That being said,  after mentoring under some of the greatest problem solvers and positiver thinkers in history, I share  thoughts, ideas and action steps to moving past where you are now and moving into where you want to be.  We can't do anything about the past.  We can't do anything about the world economy other than control what we do to effect change in our lives and those who come into contact with us.  And that's where it needs to start. 

It's time to 'grow up', pull our boots up, roll up our sleeves and journey down a path to a better place.  In doing that, there's a handful of words that come to mind.  Decisions, Determination,  Knowledge, Entrepreneurship, Networking, Investments. 

 While you will want to become your own master of what you study and learn, these are basic steps and in some cases, resources that I share, to help you at least get moving in a forward motion.

1)  Make a decision that you will be part of the solution.  Will the decision to be a part of the solution manifest work, require determination and be fully loaded with a significant journey of bumps, learning curves, a few failures and major changes?  YES!  You bet and should be immensely embraced! 

The alternative is stay where you're at, have what you have, and do your best to get by until you die.  You can't have both.  You can't stay in your box and be comfortable and expect to prosper. 

I see this all the time.  For example, people get skiddish about joining a network marketing business or getting involved in an investment NOT because they are scams, although that's a common EXCUSE and people want a scapegoat (that's easier than admitting a self deficiency), but rather because they are not willing to get uncomfortable and putting in the time and commitment it takes to master their chosen field of prosperity.  Most people simply don't want to expend the energy and money on the learning curve. 

Simply restated, people fail not because things are scams, but because they give up.  Let's get real and call it like it is because until we lay our honesty cards on the table, we can't take responsibility or begin the problem solving process.

Decide what you want to do without the excuses.  No finger pointing and scapegoats.  It's you 100%.  You're either all in or all out.  There's no riding the fence in entrepreneurship.

If the decision is made to keep the status quo, you don't need to read any further.  The next steps only apply to those decision makers who desire a change.  And heck, don't take my word for it, go research and read the biographies of any successful person.  And they can be successful in any area of their life;  entrepreneurial, athletic, artistically, doesn't matter.  You'll see it's about making a decision, not excuses and taking 100% responsibility for their failure or gain.

2)  Get out of any circles of influence where doomsday is the message.  This may required you to step out of relationships and friendships that don't serve your required change and support the decision you made for a better way of life.  Understand however, when doors close and relationships end, it paves the way to new circles of friends and relationships that do support your journey. 

Every successful person will tell you that you will be, think, have and act like the 5 closest of your friends or those you hang around with.  Assess your situation and make the changes you need to change.

It's not always easy.  Nothing in life worthwhile seems easy.  But the keyword is worthwhile.  You have one chance at life and then it's over.  The decisions you make about who you will hang around and who you will allow to influence your thoughts, your beliefs and your dreams are priceless.  It's a life threatening decision. 

I had to make that transition so I speak from experience.  It's tough.  But it's so beautiful to put yourself among those you want to be like.  To see how the financially successful live, what they talk about and witness the energy and joy they have and discover the philanthropy endeavors they can be apart of is so fantastic.  It will help you to become a better you as you begin to develop relationships with them.  And I can assure you, many successful people are willing to reach out and encourage and support you when they see you have the right mindset and are taking action to prove your seriousness.  Actions without words are nothing.  There must be massive action to match the words.

Don't think rich people are snobs.  They are not.  They are the most loving, compassionate and caring individuals on earth.  I think people assume they are snobs because they don't hang out in lower wealth classes.  There's just very different mindsets and conversations going on.  They don't engage in poverty, complaining, making excuses kind of conversations.  They are engaged in opportunities for giving, sharing, developing and creating.  So one really has nothing to do with the other. 

It's the company and conversations you keep that will keep you where you're at or take you where you want to go.  I don't make the rules, I'm just the messenger.

3)  Rethink, refocus and set goals for improvement.  What is it that you really want for your life?  Write it down, see it clearly and begin to think of ways you can accomplish that which you want.  You don't hop on a plane to nowhere for vacation without a plan.  How much more important is it to plan your life?  I don't need to expound on this. 

4)  Invest in yourself to gain financial education about what you can do right now and in the future to start creating and preserving your family wealth.  One of the things I still hear about is how people are from the "wrong side of the tracks", meaning they didn't grow up in an entrepreneurial home or have the financial education as a child to prepare them for success and wealth as adults.  Well, so what.  The point is you have the opportunity now.   Rather than keeping that your story, change it.  Be adult.  Take charge and stop making excuses.  Make a decision to get the knowledge.

There are strategies and vehicles that you can use and implement for just about all wealth classes that will and does make a difference.  Become a study of the subject.  Knowledge is power.  Applied knowledge is the solution to your problems.  Don't know where to go?   CLICK HERE for The Elevation Group which I belong.  You will benefit you immensely.  If there's a free webinar being offered, do yourself a favor and get there.  You'll be so glad you did!

What I found through The Elevation Group is information, knowledge and resources that the majority of people would otherwise not have known about or have privy to because of the wealth class they are in.  EVG brings the education for everyone across the board, leveraging the playing field and removes excuses from the average hard working middle class individual from not creating and managing their assets. 

5)  Make plans to become your own boss.  You will not get rich or find any security in working for someone else.  Period.  We do not live in an economy or society anymore where it is acceptable to sit back and do nothing.  This is a time to roll up your sleeves and work harder than you ever have before, learning and implementing principles of entrepreneurship.  

Either package your own knowledge, talents and current skills and offer that to others, join a network marketing business, master investment strategies, or come up with another plan.  Working a job is not a long term viable plan.  It's a temporary provision and at risk every day you hop in your car to head to the office.  Your master plan should be to quit once your entrepreneurship endeavors are well established and not rely on others for your family's wealth and security.   If you don't believe that, this article is not for you. 

If you want to talk about partnering with me in one or another area of entrepreneurship that I'm involved with, ask me.

6)  Understand Wealth Cycles and invest accordingly as recommended by your financial expert.  Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Advisor, Michael Maloney, is an expert on 'wealth cycles'.  It's empowering to understand these because once you begin to connect the dots of what is actually happening in the economy to that of wealth cycles, your fear will dissipate allowing you to be fully engaged in preparing for the next great wealth transfer.  

Wealth Cycles are basically where an asset class is building as another is falling.  Those who understand and know how to ride the wealth cycles are always gaining wealth and those who don't have a clue often become bankrupt.  I beseech you to study wealth cycles and see for yourself how you feel about it. 

According to Maloney and other wealth cycle experts, as the dollar collapses, as the US debt increases, and as the economy continues to go deeper into crisis, the asset class you want to be in currently at the time of this writing is gold and silver.  Read.  Study.  Learn.  Discover for yourself if this is a good move for you.  I am not a financial counselor or consultant of any capacity.  I'm a student of the experts.  I seek out financial information, knowledge and assistance.  I recommend you do the same.  Do not take any portion of what I'm saying as financial advice.  Always seek assistance from licensed professionals.

Michael Maloney has his own gold and silver company by the way.  And while you can pay his prices, you are paying many fees and costs associated with your purchases.  Just know that going in.  He's an entrepreneur and of course he's in business to make money.  It's great.   It's the same with other name brand coin dealers across the nation.  In fact, you see many on TV, radio and print ads.  (Where do you suppose they get the money for that kind of advertising?  Could it be through the broker fees you pay when you buy from them?  I would say yes). 

Having said that and being in support of all entrepreneuers, when it comes to investing for my greatest ROI, I choose to do as the "Millionaire Next Door' (a book).   If you haven't read it yet, pick it up.   Knowing how to buy wholesale and "at cost" for the best ROI is where you want to buy from. 

I have found a wholesaler of gold, silver and other precious metals.  No broker fees.  In fact, dealers purchase through this venue.  Having said that, it's often overlooked by those who are too quick and assumptive when they first hear about it.  Here's what I'm talking about. 

The 2 year old company is called Preservation of Wealth and is presented as a network marketing opportunity so rather than the investor looking at the opportunity to buy for him/herself, they are quick to brush it to the side.  The Millionaire Next  Door would never do this.  They would look beyond this and ask, "what is it that I really want in terms of ROI and can this company deliver best pricing to me."  Period.

You see, I use products offered by network marketing companies but that doesn't mean I'm a distributor.  I'm a consumer.  With Preservation of Wealth, one can just be a consumer.  That's what I am.  A consumer.  Although because I appreciate the wholesale aspect, of course I'm going to tell my friends and others who are buying gold, silver and other metals about this membership to buy wholesale.  Of course!

Did you know that just by being a member of Preservation of Wealth, you can purchase as little or as much gold and silver bullion you want at cost.  If that's all you want to do, then great.  If you want to tell others and not be selfish with your "inside wholesale knowledge", then sure, you're going to make referral commissions from the membership.  You don't earn commissions on the sale of bullion because there's no mark up.  It's genuinely wholesale.

So, in wrapping up this bullet point, educate yourself on wealth cycles and if you decide gold and silver are a good move for you, buy it wholesale.  That's common sense.  Be smart and always consider your ROI.

Learn about Preservation of Wealth here and join,

7)  Engulf yourself in personal development.  As I rattle off a "to do" list of steps you can take to move off spot, none is more important than undergoing the change within yourself.  All of the above doesn't matter if you don't believe in yourself or that things can be different for you.  The only way to change is to dive into what's called 'personal development'.  Personal development teaches you how to think about yourself, your capabilities, your image, your encounters with objectional situations and life itself.  It helps you grow up as an entrepreneur.  It helps you to get clear on who you are and what you want and how to go after it.

There are books, videos and audios, seminars, professional services and workshops worldwide that can assist you in your personal development growth.  Don't negate this critical component that works hand in hand with your decision back in #1. 

8)  Be dedicated to and committed to your plan for prosperity.  As you seek financial expertise and begin to put your house in order, it will be tempting to fudge on your commitment.  You will discover as you put together your plan that it will include setting aside funds every month for your savings, for taxes, for tithes and contributions, for your investments and often this results in you living off of 30-40% of your income.  Early on there's temptations to go out to eat and blow a fast $50, then catch a movie with a friend for another $25 bucks… and so on an so forth.  If you're not careful or haven't budgeted your entertainment outside of your commitment to prosperity and preservation of your wealth then you'll find yourself back at square one. 

If you don't care that this is the case, then I would question your commitment to your overall success.  Successful people gladly make sacrifices, in fact they don't really see them as sacrifices.  It's just an exchange of activity to have what they want.  It takes discipline to follow through.  If this is a struggle and your ultimate goal is important enough, you'll find a way to make it work or you'll see professional help to keep you on the straight and narrow.

Be aware that you'll be tempted.  You'll need to decide it's OK to SAY NO for now.  It's not forever, it's just for now as you're on the journey to getting where you want to be.  The sacrifice and commitment are fun and rewarding and very self satisfying once you begin to see the results of your dedicated plan.  Have a plan for what you will do when the temptation arises.  Know how you will distract yourself. 

9)  Tap into the universe, who I call God, for help, strength and wisdom to know what to do and to see your projects through.   While I respect the rights of everyone to choose for themselves who their God is, mine is Jesus Christ.  I would not think to start my day without prayer and meditation for help and guidance.  Christ is always faithful and He's my partner in every circumstance and endeavor I undertake.  God created us for a purpose and greatness.  He does not desire us to be poor, broke and broke minded.  He came that we might have life, and have it abundantly. 

God does not make junk.  We are all wonderfully and beautifully made in His image. We were once a thought of His, then He spoke us into existence when He created Adam and set the human race in motion.  Our thoughts and words are powerful.  We can see visions and speak words of truth aligning with what God says about us and what we can have to create extraordinary lives.

I truly believe God does not plant seeds of desire for a better life and entrepreneurial ideas and thoughts and dreams inside of us without giving us everything we need to be successful.  He did his part.  We need to do our part.  The good news is He will be with us every step of the way through our journey of change and toward our blessings of prosperity if we invite Him to do so. 

If you don't know Christ, I invite you to check Him out.  He's not complicated and He's certainly not about religion.  He's about a personal relationship with you.  He wants the very best for you and wants to reveal your purpose, your greatness, your best you.  Simple, really.   And isn't that nice?

Leave your comments and share your thoughts and ideas.  Great to hear from you as always!

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