9 Critical Things To Do As You Start Your Home Based Business


9 Critical Things To Do As You Start Your Home Based Business

This is an interesting time for me in my home based business career because I took a break from the network marketing industry for a period of about 1.5 years due to feeling the need to get off the ups and downs of building a big team and then have it all crash.  This has happened a few times now.

Just so you’re aware, as an affiliate for any network marketing or MLM company, you’re always at the mercy of their rules, regulations, policies and procedures and compensation changes among other things.

The companies in the past that I’d built teams with all went through significant changes, even to the point where there were nothing like they were when I began.  The reason being, they were brand new start ups or still young in existence.

These changes most often didn’t resonate with myself nor my team and everything fell apart.  I’ve seen it happen in other companies as well.

I share the up and down nightmare with many successful colleagues who go through the same thing. And you know what?  We’re just tired of having to rebuild and start all over…. AGAIN.

So, since there’s nothing I could do about it…

…and not wanting to just jump into something else just because everyone else does…

…and not feeling passionate about the products I was reviewing…

.. and absolutely loving the business model yet wanting to get off the up and down yo yo hamster wheel…

… I simply choose to focus on my other entrepreneurial endeavors outside of that industry.  I’m involved with a brick and mortar, I became an Amazon seller and did real well and then hey….

I decided to do more traveling using my travel club membership (which I also offer because it’s quite frankly… stellar.  I believe every family should own one.)


Last month I received a Facebook chat from a friend that stated he had something for me to look at.  I was wishy washy about doing so because I couldn’t have imagined it being anything more than the “same ole, same ole” cookie cutter opportunities that I vowed to be done with.

I sensed that there was something for me in 2016, I just didn’t know what.  All I knew was that when I made a decision to become a part of a network marketing company again, the company history, age, track record of success and benefits it offered me would be CRITICAL.

When my friend told me who the team was behind creating an online system for this rock solid 40 year old, debt free company, it got my attention.  I watched a webinar and could not believe the product I saw. I would not have guessed it in a million years.

I immediately chatted back to him that if nothing else, I wanted the product right away.  I had actually been looking for this product for 3 months.

I then began to pay attention to the compensation plan and learn more about the company.   Things HAD to be different this time.  I wanted to see very solid ways of doing things.  I didn’t want to go through another up and down so stability, integrity, track records, were extremely important to me and those I would be introducing the business to.

I hope you can appreciate that.  In fact, you probably relate.

Turned out….

I was sold, hook, line and sinker and felt the weight of the world lift off me because I knew THIS was it.

I’ve always said there’s no such thing as a dream business.  But, I’m eating my words.  This is a dream business.

I made a purchase and have now stepped back into the direct sales/network marketing business area.

And this time, it’s home.  I’ve planted my flag.  It’s my last rodeo.  I’m absolutely in full passion, purpose, and mission with this product and the structure of the company is such that I will have walk away income for life.

I’m so grateful.

Ok, I’ve made a decision, made my purchase, now what?  

I’m standing at the starting line.


 How To Get Your Home Business Started

Well, it’s time to dust myself off because it’s been a minute since I’ve been in the online marketing and network marketing game.

In fact, I haven’t even emailed my list much.  And, a note to online marketers who establish a list and then walk away; in case you don’t know, you loose a bit of influence and momentum when you do that.  So basically, it’s like starting all over.

So I’m starting over.

But I know how to start over because there are basic critical steps to take regardless of whether you’re brand new and have never had a home based business before, or whether you left and are coming back.

As I grabbed my pen and paper to get myself organized with my “things to do” list, I thought to myself to share the process with you.  This way, you can know exactly what I’m doing to fire up again and why each step is considered critical in my books.

Here’s the exact things on my list that I’m doing.

I can tell you, that there’s nothing on here so difficult that anyone can’t do.  You’ve got to keep it SIMPLE.

The main thing is to believe in your company and make sure it can meet your financial goals and that you resonate with your product.

Side note:  If you don’t like your product and you’re just joining because you like the sponsor, you’re going to self sabotage.  Make sure you see the benefits of your product and how it can help others.

Then, make sure your desire is there and you’re ready to rumble.  Let’s go.

9 Critical Things To Do When Starting Your Home Based Business

1.  Daily Personal Development


I’ve gotten reacquainted with my bookshelf.  Because I understand the dynamics of life with the information we receive into our minds each day being about 87%, it’s critical that I fill my mind with thoughts, ideas and new fresh inspiration and power every day.

This way I have been filled up, my mind is ready and my positive actions will follow and it allows me to be my best and help others.

I can’t lie.  I took a 75% break from personal development when I walked away from the last network marketing company I was with.  Shame on me and while I didn’t need to disclose this to you, I want to be authentic and real with you.  I’m not perfect.  I’m just human.

I know better than to ever stop growing or slow down learning as a person, feeding my mind daily with inspiration and power to tackle just the battles of everyday life.  You’re either growing or going backwards.  There’s no staying the same.

I’m back in full steam ahead with growing.

I read a devotional and Scriptures every morning upon waking which sets the right tone for my day and then I spend at least an hour in reading and/or listening to podcasts and/or watching videos on personal growth, leadership, overcoming, being the best I can be, serving others, habits of successful people, etc.  This is the minimum time I put in, sometimes I need more.

The books I’m currently reading now are  “Thinking for a Change” by John C. Maxwell and “Battlefield of the Mind” by Joyce Meyer.

2.  Assess Who I’m Hanging Out With

I’m doing pretty good in this area because I’ve made it a habit to hang with positive like minded people.

Nonetheless,  I had to take inventory to make absolutely certain that the people I surround myself both in my personal life and business life just to make sure.

I want to hang out with people who are much more successful than I am because I always want to be challenged to grow and learn from them.

As well, I want to hang out with people who are at my level because it’s great to see that others are on the same journey with me.  It’s great to share experiences that we both are having.

I also love hanging out with newbies to the industry because I love the fresh enthusiasm and energy they bring to the table.  I’m happy to share my experiences to help them as they get started.

These groups of individuals are problem solvers and speak in terms of solutions rather than whining and complaining.  You’ll find the in your team, in your company and those you network with outside your company.

You have to protect your personal space with individuals who want to make fun of and slander your business.

This is your life, your goals, your dreams, your decision.

If your friends don’t want to work with you in your business, that’s fine.  It’s not for everyone.  Let them know if things ever change in that regard to let you know.  In the meantime, just don’t talk business with them.  Go have fun as you always have and love them greatly.  People before profit, always.

I wrote an article years ago about dealing with friends and having a home based business.  It’s great advice and you may want to read it here.

3.  Cleaning My Work Areas

I have a home studio that needed just a bit of some spring cleaning.  Everything has a place and purpose, no collecting stuff that I don’t need.  When the area  around me is clean, it opens up energy space for productivity.

The same for my car.  Although I keep my car clean, it was fun and necessary to go through the process of preparing anyway.

Why my car?  I talk to people when I’m driving.  I listen to personal development CD’s as I drive.  My car is an extension of my office.

I’m clear to go!

4.  Knowing My “WHY”

When you start your home based business, there has to be a WHY behind it.  And let me just say that “to pay the bills” is not a WHY.   Reason being is, you can rake leaves, babysit, wash cars, pick up odd jobs, any of that to go along with or while unemployed to get the bills paid.  A job and budgeting can take care of your bills.

Just paying the bills is not motivation to get out of one’s comfort zone and take action toward everything they want in life.

So your WHY has to be uuuuuuge!  and meaningful, touching your heart and emotions at the deepest levels.

I’ve reconnect with my WHY.  It’s what propels me to use the vehicle of my home based business to move towards my goals and it’s what will propel you as well.

To get to your WHY, ask yourself the same question over and over and dig down deep.  When you tap into your deep emotions, you’ve found your WHY.


“I want to be successful”

Ask yourself “And what does that mean for you?

Your answer may be something like…. “Because then I can do/have/be __________”

Ask yourself, “And what does that mean for you when you can do/have/be that?”

You will be surprised where this one question will lead, but at some point you’ll feel it.

Go there in the quietness of your heart, take time to think and feel and you’ll discover your deepest level of WHY.

5.  Set Goals and Dream Big

Your business should be very conducive to achieving your goals and dreams.  This is the fun part of getting started!.

I’m in the process of creating a vision board with pictures of how I want my life to look in about 5 years.

It is not only my pleasure to look at that every day and visualize what it will feel like to be in that space and time and to now be living that life… in the home I want… in the location I want… and the grandchildren around me… and the work I’m doing with the homeless…. and on and on, but it’s my obligation to myself to do that.

HUH?  Obligation?

Our subconscious mind can’t tell the difference between real and not real.  I’m showing my subconscious mind my new life which it will see as my life.  In doing this, my actions and align with the mind and it will all come together.  It’s part of the process of getting there.

That is the foundation.  Now moving on.

Gosh, we are going on number 6 now and we haven’t done anything that looks like I’m starting a business does it?

This is because I know before I start any business, I have to pour the foundation which is all MINDSET, WHY, GOALS, DEVELOPMENT.

To skip this is to not be prepared in establishing a new positive way of thinking which will lead to failure.  I never start a business with the slightest doubt or thoughts of failure.  That would not even make sense.

Can you imagine me asking the bank for a loan to start a business and then telling them I don’t think I can do it but give me the loan anyway?  LOL?

Okay, so now that the foundation is set, let’s grab these last 4 Critical Steps to Starting your Home Based Business.

6.  Go through the company site to get familiar with your new business products.

Connect with your team for marketing systems, websites, videos, materials, etc and take a list of what’s available to you.  Your team will most likely be in a group on Facebook.  Thus, if you don’t have a Facebook account, get one.  This is how we communicate these days.

I’m connected.

7.  Get any business systems, websites, etc. set up so you’re ready to.

This usually entails making sure your name and email are on there.  No big deal.

I’ve done that.

8.  Get started.

This will include marketing your affiliate links to others who are seeking what you have.  There are many ways to market.

In my new business, they show you how to invite people to take a look at what you’ve got to offer.  Anyone can do it.  Very simple.  No stress, no fuss.  It also is utilizing a built in marketing function for those that want to do paid marketing.

See what your company and team offers.

As for me… right now in terms of my marketing:

a) I’m inviting those on my list and privately on Facebook to people to take a look at what I’m doing as is taught in the system.

b) I’m upping my activity on Facebook to start gaining exposure.  I’m not shooting out my links on my page, just interacting for relationship building.  When I do post links, I’ll make sure I’m giving value and sharing 80% of the time, inviting to business 20% of the time.

c)  I’m gathering my video stuff and will be getting back into that.  I’ve created a channel on Vimeo because youtube shut me down years ago for who knows why.  While I understand that I won’t be able to video market because Google favors YouTube, not Vimeo, thus, my videos are not likely to show up in search engines when people are searching for what I offer, I do know the value of connecting with my list.

It’s important that my readers also hear me and see me live through my videos.  This develops “know, like and trust”.

I’m in the process of doing that.

d)  I’m dusting off my blog, the one you’re on here.  I’ve got to do some clean up, put a subscriber link back on, and start building my list again.  I want to do some rearranging and seeing what I’ve already published that I can recycle.

This will be a process that I’m committed to.

e)  I’ll be doing some paid advertising through the system connected with my business and I’ll follow up by phone with my leads.

f)  I’m going to explore other avenues of marketing as I things have changed since 2013.  I’m open to learning and implementing.  I’ve heard about Snapchat.  I want to see what’s up with that.  I know people are still having success using Twitter and Facebook.  I want to explore that.

And, do you know where I learn all this?  I can learn anything and everything, every marketing strategy you can think of, through MLSP.  You may want to consider this marketing education system if you’re struggling in your home based business.  Take a course inside of there.. and implement.  Keep at it until you get the results you want.

Everyone will chose a different method of advertising their business.  This is where people get tripped up and where that personal development, writing out your goals and having a big WHY comes in handy.  This is where people quit or keep pressing through, learn a few skills and go on to have success.  Stay committed through any learning curve.

9)  Stay In Close Contact With Your Support Group.

Get to company and team events and stay close in touch with your team.  This is important for both your emotional state of mind and your to help you through any techy challenges and fears you have.

Every company I’ve been associated with offers events.  This is where the business becomes real.  It’s offline.  It’s business partners you can talk to face to face, shake hands with and have fabulous conversations over dinner or drinks.  You’ll exchange thoughts, ideas and laugh a lot.  Friendships are forged.  Get there!

You will have grown as an entrepreneur and those who haven’t decided to join you yet will see that you’re a serious business owner.  People want to join those who are serious about their business because that tells them you’re not going to jump ship in a week and move on to something else.

Your team will have weekly hangouts or phone calls or something.  Be on them!  Show up!  This is how you are fed to stay motivated, connected and part of something bigger than yourself.  You need this.

I have purchased my event tickets for my first company event coming up in July and I’m on all the hangouts and team calls.  Critical!

I hope you’ve received some value from this and some insight as to what I’m doing to start over again in this industry.  Making a decision to get started is great.  Getting started is great.  Now it’s time to show up for the long haul, being consistent, keeping on keeping on and growing through every challenge.

Congratulations for wanting more for your life.  I cheer you on my friend.  Go make it happen for you.

I’d love to lock arms with you and build together in my new endeavor. If you’re interested in knowing what I’m doing, click here.

To Our Mutual Success!

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