8 Things To Give Up


8 Things To Give UP

I grew up with many of these things on the list below. Not because my parents raised me like that, but because of third party outside events. My parents were my biggest cheerleaders and I was loved and accepted like crazy within my home. It was outside my home that pierced my being.

It’s called OTHER KIDS. MEAN KIDS. And even adults not being careful as you’ll see.

I learned about “I’m not good enough to be in your play group” in the second grade.

I learned about “Your’e stupid” in the 3rd grade when I had to leave my classroom to go to a special reading class for one on one tutoring.

I learned about “I’m not good enough to be called to play on your team” in the 4th grade during PE. I also learned about fear when a bully girl threatened to beat me up every day after school for months. She would stalk me and remind me about 10 minutes before the bell rang every day. She ran me off campus while others laughed.

I learned about “lowest self esteem by being called a nick name that shook my world because of how my nose looked to some mean kid” in the 6th grade.

I learned about “not being good enough” when my name was called over the loud speaker after tryouts that I made the cheerleading team… and then about 3 minutes later, it was announced that they made a mistake and I was in fact a runner up and another girl made the squad in the 7th grade.

I learned about “you look stupid” when all the other kids were wearing jeans and I had on a dress. in 9th grade.

I learned about “don’t fit in” when kids were getting together but I wasn’t invited in the 10th grade.

I learned about “you’re just not good enough” in the 11th grade when I was first runner up in the local city queen contest.

I learned about “adults play dirty and unfair” when the following year I was again the first runner up only after the girl who won walked into the contest just a week before and was named with her family being on the voting panel and it was known she would win before the contest.

You probably have many stories like mine. I know I’m nobody special that these things happen to. But they stay in our subconscious for life.

You can’t allow these things that happened set the pace for who you are today and who you can be in the future.

We have to work hard to brush all this childhood stuff off because if we don’t it sticks to us like glue forever. It sabotages all the things we want to accomplish.

Dive into personal development.

Read books on success and mindset and personal growth principles.

Listen to DVD’s CD’s so you have audio going into the space between your ears.

Hang out with people who will challenge you in life to be better and reach for your dreams.

Keep a journal of your growth your ideas and dreams.

My friends, it’s about moving past those things.

I know they scar.

I know they hurt.

I know they sound petty to talk about as adults.

But, it’s better to be real and come to terms with self limiting beliefs than to never move on with God’s best plans for you.

You’re an amazing human being with gifts and and talents and even a heart to serve others. It will feel awesome to be growing in a direction that allows you to experience your best self.

Be blessed today and know what a fantastic person you are and the lives you change just through them knowing you.

Give up and let go of the things that don’t serve you and go grab your best life.

Love you… ~ Deb


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