7 Tips To Help You Believe In Yourself



You truly are more powerful….

… can do more things….

….can impact more lives, including your own…

… than you believe you can.

I've spoken publicly and privately to more people than I can count and what I encounter through words, body language and sometimes tears, are sad. 

We live in a world where people lack belief in themselves to be more, do more and have more.  Society puts demands on people to be something or someone they are not.  Where does this come from?

  • Perhaps TV and messages it sends that says, "If you're not THIS… (whatever 'this' is), then you just aren't special enough).
  • Perhaps it's family members who refuse to live past the dysfunction in their lives and when you try to get out from underneath the negative energy, they suck you back in.
  • Perhaps it's an uncoached and unhappy boss who can find nothing good to say about your work, although it's excellent and deep down he/she knows it but will never admit it.
  • Perhaps it's memories from days of your youth when your coach repeatedly got in your face and told you you don't have what it takes to be a star… or even to start.. and began to take on defeat while benched watching others get their chance.
  • Perhaps it's memories from days of your youth when kids, teachers and even parents called you names, rolled their eyes in pathetic enlightment as you walked in the room, or told you point blank that you'll never amount to anything.
  • Perhaps you've tried to do a certain thing but failed and rather than viewing that failure as a success in understanding that what doesn't work is just as important as knowing what does work, you slumped your shoulders and decided you, as a person, is a failure.

I could continue here for hours on the illustrations and examples of way people face challenges and failures but I think you get the drift.



Here's the truth.  You have the ability to immediately decide in favor of yourself.   As my mentor taught me years ago, it's simply a matter of making a new decision and forming a new opinion which you can do in a split second.

Regardless of your past, your past failure, the moments in which you lost a little more self-esteem, you can, right now, make a NEW decision that everything negative anyone ever said to you was a lie and say to yourself, "I'm awesome!" 

Unfortunately, many people are not taught this self-decision making skill and the noise in our heads tell us that what others think of us are truths.  It's just a big lie!




Here's 7 tips to help you believe in yourself as you start stepping into the light.

1)  Acknowledge that you are where you're at in life right now because of your best thinking and that your thinking from here on out WILL be different and you will do what it takes to start living on purpose and in destiny.

2)  Read and listen to positive, personal growth and development books/audios.  This is the principle of 'good in – good out'.  Read for 30 minutes a day and listen to audio for 30 minutes a day. 

3) Monitor what music and movies, shows, you are listening to.  Is it edifying you, humans, nature, love, peace. joy, success, abundance, forgiveness, happy endings?  Or is edifying defiance, defeat, death, sadness, loss, disrespect, horror, failure?  Make a decision right now that if what you are hearing and seeing does not edify goodness, you don't participate.

4)  Hangout with the right people.  You will become like the 5 people you hangout with.  Are they were you want to be?  Do they have what you want to have?  Do they live the life you wish you had?  Be choosey who you hang with.  Find those who are were you want to be and spend time with them.  This will include reading authors books, listening to their audios, attending their webinars, getting to events where they are at, subscribing to their email list and getting into a community of like minded people who can support your dreams and visions.

5)  Write down as many affirmations as you can think of…and say them to yourself every morning when you wake up and before you go to bed at night.  These are things like….

"I can do whatever I decide to do and it makes me feel great."

"I always overcome challenges, I am unstoppable."

"I am loved and I love others."

"I accept myself for who I am and love my journey to becoming the best me."

"I am good enough right now, today, to accomplish what I want to do."

Come up with 20-30 of these positive statements. 

6)  When others spew a negative statement, a hateful word, an unwelcomed message through body language, do not receive it.  Do not acknowledge it.! 

Say to yourself, "I rebuke that, I'm totally awesome and I'm unstoppable.  I'm creating an awesome life for myself and my family."

7)  Treat yourself to something special often as a pat on the back for deciding you're powerful.  Whatever that is.  It could be quiet time to play with your hobby, or get a message, or buy that "thing" you've been wanting.  I'm not suggesting you spend a bunch of money and go into debt in the name of treating yourself.  There are many ways you can treat yourself in time… even if it's a nap in the middle of the afternoon to catch up and get fully rested. 



You are an amazing human being.  God created you in your mothers womb and knew you intimately before you were born.  As He did so, He said you were "wonderfully made", as  the Holy Scriptures say.  YOU are amazing!

You have a purpose and a destiny.

You are not here by accident, but by design.  You were created to be excited about life, taking risks to get what you want (think back of how you acted with you were a toddler, stopping at nothing to get your way!)…

.. and it was only through the negative programming by other humans that you took on a life of "less than". 

It's time for you to let go of the things holding you back and start believing in yourself. 

I already know you're great.  I believe you can do anything you want.  I believe you are worthy and deserving of success, happiness and all good things.  And I stand in the gap of belief for you while you find your own.

Love and Abundance…



Leave me a comment and let me know some awesome, great things about YOU.  Go ahead… TOOT YOUR HORN!

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