7 Figure Secrets: Mindset and Marketing Tips for 7 Figure Income

People are intrigued by the 7 figure earner.  They wonder what it really took for them to get there or if they were handed it on a silver platter.  They wonder if they got lucky.  They usually always believe that somehow they had a break and we’re special.

Not true.

The 7 figure earners I know have many character traits in common and they’ve worked smart and hard to get where they’re at.  One of my closest friends and business partners were sharing common characteristics that 7 figure income earners have and what he believes has made him a millionaire.  Let’s take a look and see if you can identify with him.  These are his thoughts, he made 7 profound statements.

1.  You have to hang out with other 7 figure earners if you want to be one.  They think differently.  They act and react to circumstances and opportunities differently.  They have a posture about them that empowers and expects more of people in terms of each having to be responsible for their own success.  They don’t hand hold.  Their posture is strong and confident.

2. You can be as smart as you want, be a very honest and hard working individual, but if you have an outdated vehicle for earning, you will not succeed.  Often one hears that mindset is the number one secret to success.  Or having the right friends.  The truth of the matter is you need a vehicle that will pop you some good income.  In addition, your vehicle needs to be fast, automated and makes you a chunk of change at every go around.

The vehicle he’s talking about is the product or service you market in exchange for commission.  With a high ticket item, your vehicle can pop say . . . $1,000 for every sale and that same vehicle can multiply itself through leveraging others.  For example, matching bonuses.  When you bring someone into a potential 7 figure a year business you generate the $1,000 yes, but then leverage comes in when that person now goes out and makes a sale where not only do they earn their own $1,000 but you get a matching bonus of $1,000 too and you didn’t do anything to earn it.  He does that with Global Resorts Network.

When you see that your vehicle can be cloned as long and as wide as you can figure out how to do it, you’re going to be making a lot of money.

If you have a vehicle that’s $200K a year and then capped, that’s outdated.  Your vehicle doesn’t work.  Current vehicles know no boundaries.

My friend bluntly said, “So, yes, there’s skillsets involved in driving your vehicle and while we both may be very nice, honest and ethical and work hard and all that stuff, if my vehicle is in better shape because it has all the up to date upgrades, it’s going to dominate and yours will suck.  End of story.”

“We are in the internet age and it’s still only in the infancy stage.  Income potential is limitless, 7 figure earners don’t even think about income caps.”

3:  They understand how to do target marketing.  For example, let’s say you have joined a travel club business and you’re a layed off or retired timeshare salesman.  You go to Ezine Articles and discover that there are multiple articles about timeshares.  You discover that people are sick of paying $14K to $50K and up for a timeshare, not to mention taxes, maintenance fees, etc.

Specific niche target marketing would look like this.  You as a travel club businessman can write articles, make videos, and post in timeshare forums like crazy sharing insight about a high value travel club membership for a measly little $3K vs. the cost of the timeshare and hassles of owning one.  For timeshares lookers, $3K is nothing compared to what they were looking at with a $14K – $50K, plus price tag.  You can own this market.

Additionally, the 7 figure earner knows the value of cross recruiting.  Market to like minded opportunity seekers.  Burger King hopes to have their advertisements in front of Wendy’s who wants their ads in front of McDonalds.  Same principals.

4:  Maintain a high level of enthusiasm without the hype and drama.  You must become unmeltable and have the attitude that you cannot be stopped, no matter what.  If you are facing extreme negativism or hardship, you will have to succeed in spite of it.  Your will cannot be broken.

I know 7 figure earners who go through tremendous heartache, divorce, kid problems, illnesses, etc.  Just stuff, they are normal people and life happens.  They bleed too.

The difference is their resolve and attitude and the fact that they are unmeltable keeps them going.  It’s business.  They know how to separate business from personal drama.

5.  7 figure earners have a business life that’s separate from their personal life.  There’s only one thing you can control that you are responsible for.  You can control what goes on in your business and whether you will be productive or not.   In your personal life, you cannot control what other’s do in your family.  You can’t control sicknesses, employers, church, community.  Business time is business time and you can control your output even though there’s a lot of personal drama.  Learn to separate the two. Totally disconnect if you’re going to be with your kids or your spouse or friends.

Learn to thrive.

6.  Have a bias for action.  When 7 figure earners get an idea, they act on it.  As soon as it’s created in their brain, it goes through a quick filter system testing for intergrity checking to see whether it’s for real, legit, etc. and if the answer comes back “yeah”, it’s time for action immediately.

What the amateur does is let it stew for days, weeks, months and even years.  They can’t get off base to take action.

7.  Amateurs romance their money and are afraid to part with it.  Letting go is struggle.  They live in the “what if” in the negative realm.  They think of worst case senarios.  “What if I fail?”

A wealthy individual sees money as just a means to an end.  So, in other words, if they can spend $3K and in 6 months or a year turn that into $50K, then it’s no big deal. The professional will take action after looking at the positive potential for loss if they don’t take action.  They won’t be meltable if it doesn’t work out, they will seek out another opportunity.

Can you see the difference in mindset?

Let’s just say that your intuition tells you that $3K is no big deal; it’s just money. And let’s say you spend $1K in marketing and in 3 months you’ve totally bombed out.  You recognize you are not an entrepreneur, you’re not having fun, it’s over and you’re back in the exact spot where you’re at right now except you are $4K more in debt and you’re already $10K in debt so it takes a little longer to clear that account.  Big deal.  That’s worst case.  Can you live with that?

Now, let’s flip the coin.

Let’s say you spend $4K and over the next 4 months you make $10K.  Aren’t you glad you took action.

You’ve learned that it’s not your background or upbringing, your college education or lack thereof that determines whether you deserve to be a 7 figure income earner.  You can see, based on the characteristics shared here that it’s more resolve.  In a nutshell, see if you feel you create your reality by doing these simple steps:

1)  Associate with 7 figure earners

2)  Have an updated vehicle, or business model, to create large sums of cash

3)  Learn how to do niche specific target marketing

4)  Become unmeltable.

5)  Keep your business life separate from your personal life.  Find balance.

6)  Be an action taker.

7)  Consider the potential loss of gain if you fail to act.

Having said that, if you’re thinking about starting a business, quit wondering and living in wonderland.  Do it.  You’ll find out if you’re cut out for it or not.  If you’re not, then you’ll know and you can quit wondering about.  And if you are, then you’ll be glad to took action instead of pondering about it another year.


About the author: Debbie Turner was forced out of a 13 year successful real estate career when the market turned in 2005. Knowing nothing about internet marketing, she set out to learn new skillsets from the best in the industry. Debbie has since discovered how a few focused hours a day can create wealth through fun and non-invasive attraction marketing, personal branding, web 2.0 strategies, and automation to build her businesses.  Debbie is a home based business coach, a Renegade University Professional Guide and provides one-on-one coaching for her business partners.

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