Blog vs. Website: What’s the Difference?

blogorwebsite“A blog . . . a website . . .  what’s the deal?  What’s the difference between the two and do I really need a blog if I have a website?”

I would suggest that you need both.  You will use your website for lead capture pages and sales pages.  You will use your blog to interact with your prospects in an effort to build a relationship with them.

Let’s look at the differences.


  • A website gives you a “store front” on the internet and allows people to come and shop, research, contact you, learn all about you and your product.
  • It’s a one sided conversation.  You are doing all the talking.  There’s nothing for your visitor to do to participate or interact with you while at your site.
  • Static:  It doesn’t change.


  • A blog (web log) can host the same information that your website does however, it’s a two sided conversation in that your customers can leave comments, participate in polls and interact with each other.
  • It changes daily.

Search engines look for new content every day.   If you’re going to have a blog, you want to post to it at least 3 times a week to keep the content fresh.

Every time someone posts a comment on your blog, it’s “new content” or “spider food” and the “spiders” will come see what the new content is and if it’s relevant for people doing searches on your keywords.


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