6 Spiritual Principles For Manifesting Your Best Life

spiritual principles

Whether you are seeking spiritual principles for manifesting your best life, or whether you believe you’re not being spiritual about it… you are implementing God’s creation in your life whether you know it or not.

We’ve all heard about and/or read The Secret, where we are taught that if we can only visualize what we want, we can have it.  And we’ve heard about God’s Holy Word, The Scriptures aka The Bible.

What do these two have in common?

They both teach the principles of visualization and asking for what you want, to have your best life.

And, these are spiritual principles.

Two Keys To Remember

As you begin to change your thinking to manifest your best life, there’s a couple key factors to keep in mind.  After all, this isn’t magic.

1)  Visualizing isn’t enough.  You have to also take action and move toward that which you want.   This will include discovering more about yourself and how you can use your gifts and talents to generate the income you desire to have what you want.  You still have to work.

2)  The teachings in The Secret are not new.  God created man to use his thoughts intelligently and to think upon things and reveals to us in His Word, The Bible, how we should be thinking.  It’s referenced as having the “Mind of Christ”.

I’d like to introduce you to both The Secret and Dr. David Jeremiah who’s message today was on what God says about our thoughts and manifesting the things we desire.

If you will begin to embrace how your mind works, how your thoughts lead to things, either good things or bad things… (based on what you are meditating and thinking upon), you will be excited to change your thoughts… to bring the right stuff into your life.

Here’s the trailer from The Secret


Here’s The Secret Visualization Tool Video


The Secret is No Secret

In the beginning of time, God created us to use our minds and thoughts to manifest our best lives.  However, most people, even those individuals who were raised in church under biblical teachings, do not realize how powerful they are to effect change in their life.

Our thoughts begin the process to everything we have, who we are and where we are going in life.

God created us in His image and if you read the Bible, you will discover that nothing was ever created, or bought into being, until it was first thought of and then spoken into reality.  You will find several references in the Scriptures pointing you to how to tap into your God given ability.

One of my favorite pastors is Dr. David Jeremiah.  He hosts a television program and if I’m home, I make a point to tune in.  This last week, his teaching was on the very subject of manifesting and using your thoughts to create your best life.  I felt it important enough to blog about it since many people that

Dr. Jeremiah opens his message by saying…

“You’re not what you think you are, but you’re what you …THINK… you are.”

Notice where the emphasis is on “think”.

Regardless of your faith of choice, these 6 spiritual principles, when you apply them, will work for you.  I’m excited for you to hear the message.  Below are the Scripture’s that Dr. David Jeremiah references.  You can also download them from his website.

When you arrive at the site, click the big green button that says, WATCH NOW.  It’s the April 7, 2013 message.  Here’s what it should look like:

spiritual principles


Below are links so you can hear Dr. David Jeremiah share these 6 Spiritual Principals.  I don’t know how long they’ll stay active but I did find one recording on YouTube, hopefully that will stay up awhile.


 Here’s the outline for this article and the message:

I. The Priority of a Devoted Mind  (Click here to watch)

Matthew 22:37

II. The Priority of a Dedicated Mind (Click here to watch)
Philippians 2:1-11

III. The Priority of a Diligent Mind
(Click here to watch)
1 Peter 1:13 and 2 Peter 1: 3-10

iv. The Priority of a Disciplined Mind
Romans 12:2

V. The Priority of a Discerning Mind
Philippians 4:8

VI. The Priority of a Developing Mind

Spiritual Principles of manifesting your best life are yours for the taking.

I have devoted much of my time working on myself and these because I understand the power of my thoughts.  And, I’ve seen repeatedly in my life, I manifest the things I focus on.

For example… Do you ever notice how when you’re down and negative things happen…..

…. you focus on those negative things….

… and wonder what else is going to go wrong…

… Something else DOES go wrong!

That’s an example.

The next time something goes wrong, don’t focus on it ….

… but rather focus on what you DO want.  And watch what happens!

I wrote a blog about one of my dreams and the steps I’m taking to manifest it.  It’s called How To Keep A Pulse On Your Dreams.

I believe in you and am cheering you on!

Have an awesome day!

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Debbie Turner
Fanatical About Freedom and Lifestyle

PS:  Leave me a comment and let’s chat about these 6 spiritual principles.  Tell me you’re story of how it worked for you.  

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  1. Lenore Orkwis says

    I know these principles work, I have asked to be lead to a group where I will fit in, people who are not just about making money but are also about guiding and teaching others to reach for their own success stories.  I have found that group.  My mind is being opened and this time I am going to reach my goals.

  2. says

    A wonderful blog post and message. We have been working on our thoughts and the words we speak for over a year because we understand the Biblical principles of thoughts and especially the words we speak. They can bring life or death, blessing or destruction, and prosperity or poverty. God is great in that He has enabled us to speak our own destiny and blessings. 

  3. Debbie Turner says

    Hi Stephen…Thanks for coming by and sharing your thoughts and input. Have you by chance read The Tongue, a Creative Force by Charles Capp? It’s awesome and talks alot about the words we use. You may like it. I love what you wrote… I hope people who stop by reads it twice!

  4. says

    I've not read that book so I'm going to look it up and buy it. I believe strongly that our tongues and the words we speak are responsible for the lives we live, blessed or cursed. It's all in the Word. :-) 
    Off to find the book. 

  5. Dave Page says

    Debbie here is an interesting thought. This is my third attempt at retirement. I have just about everything a person would want in life. Great family, wonderful wife, nice home, Vacation home in Key West and toys. One thing team synergy may get value out of is this. After all is said and done,looking back at the climb to success, I realized that going into the battle knocking off one goal at a time and having some failures; getting up and going back at it. When you fall over the finish line victorious, nothing, nothing can beat that feeling of accomplishment, Nothing.
    Much of the value in Empire network is the group Synergy that apparently spins and keeps spinning by the centrifigal force of positive I can do attitudes. The value you bring as a leader is incalcuable. I will never retire again, I love the victories to much to give up. And I'm willing to pay the price over and over again. This is called happiness, love the challenge.
    PS: Im'going through your visualization material with my wife, slowly. In his name Dave Page

  6. Debbie Turner says

    Hi David…

    Your comments are interesting, “I love the victories too much to give up”…. “love the challenge”… “it’s called happiness”. It makes me wonder if the ‘lack of challenge’ sometimes put retired people in a ‘rut’. I haven’t been there so don’t know. But your comment is something to think about. I trust you’re enjoying time with the family in Key West! ~ Debbie

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