5 Keys To Handling Loneliness In Network Marketing


Keys To Handling Loneliness In Network Marketing

One of the biggest challenges that network marketers have is isolation.  There’s much to learn when it comes to being a home based entrepreneur; everything from mindset to marketing application and when you feel you have to do it all by yourself, it becomes too overwhelming and isolating and therefore, it’s easy to quit.

Human nature doesn’t like to be alone in anything.  Your home business should be fun and exciting and there are many ways to never be alone in the process.

Here’s my key advice for those who are feeling this way.

Key #1 for Loneliness in Network Marketing:

Know That It Happens And How To Plug Into Partners, Groups, Support

When you get started in your network marketing business (or ANY business for that matter), understand it’s YOUR business.  It’s not your neighbor’s business, your brother’s business, your sponsor’s business, your church group’s business.


Therefore, the expectation should be that you are SOLELY responsible for everything that goes on within your business.  You don’t have to be a one man show however.

Knowing this will prevent you from being surprised by it.  Expect that and then follow the tips below to get plugged in.

This way, you are in business FOR yourself, but not BY yourself.

Being aware that starting your business is lonely, it won’t take you by surprise.

You’ll also know to take the following tips I give you below so that immediately, you place yourself in a new position of TOGETHERNESS.

Key #2 for Loneliness in Network Marketing:

Join Online and Offline network marketing Communities

Your company should have social media sites like Facebook, Google+ and Linked In where you can connect with others in your network marketing company.  Find out immediately how to connect with fellow affiliates.

Then connect!

Here’s two places I would start

1) Get with your upline sponsor and start a Facebook group if there isn’t already one available.

2) MLMLeadSystemPro is a marketing community based around education and friendship with strong support.  This is a paid platform for education, tools and resources you’ll need for your network marketing.  It’s all generic so it works for everyone and with every company.

This is your business.  It’s up to YOU to take the initiative to connect with others.  Say hello, ask how long they’ve been in your network marketing company, what are they doing to market their business.




Key #3 for Loneliness in Network Marketing:

Find a running buddy

When you start a workout program, you’re likely to do better when you find a ‘running’ buddy, or workout partner.

When you start diet, you’re likely to do better when you find others who are also dieting so you have accountability and support.

Likewise, when you join a network marketing company, you want to have your bigger group for support, yes, but also, as you meet people, find a couple people who are where you’re at (brand new) and work together.  Be accountable to each other.  Get on the phone, or start your own Facebook Group or hop on Google+ and do a hangout.  Support each other and take action steps together.  This does not need to be your sponsor.

Key #4 for Loneliness in Network Marketing:

Get To Live Events

Getting to live events are critical to your success.  Why?  Because you will have the opportunity to meet the leaders face to face and see that they are just like you.  They’re just people.  You’ll meet others who are having great success.  Here’s the short list of why you want to get to events.

1)  You’ll see people are just people.  This will allow you to see that if they can do it, so can you.

2)  You’ll have a chance to engage in conversations hanging out in the lobby, at restaurants, in the elevator, etc.  During this exchange, you’ll be able to find out what others are doing to build their business.

3)  You’ll  have a change to get pictures of you with others for your media marketing.  People want to join network marketing businesses with others who are serious about showing up for their business.

Key #5 for Loneliness in Network Marketing:


Outsource some of the activities that others can do.  You can outsource your capture page creation, blog posts, social media management, copywriting, ad monitoring, etc.  Just about everything that you need done, or want done, in your business, can be outsourced.

I hope these 5 Keys helps you in some way o get connected and stay connected.

You’ll make so many friends who bless your life and you theirs.  You’ll find friends for life.  Maybe even new best friends.  Connecting and working on your businesses together is a powerful bond and fantastic friendships can blossom and enrich your life so much.

I wish you all success!

Friends I’ve met… Myself pictured with Mike Dillard, Ann Sieg and her very tall son, Isaiah :)


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