3 Tips to Help You Move From Being Just A Student To Taking Action In Business

3 Tips To Help You Move From Student To Taking Action In Your Business

There are many different phases that a home based business entrepreneur will go through as they journey to what they want to accomplish.

There’s the ‘just getting started phase.

There’s the ‘stuck’ at the specific income level phase.

There’s many other stages.

network marketing online trainingOne thing however, that I’ve noticed is that most people, not everyone, but most… will live the professional student life, rather than just taking action and getting started.  And this is what I want to share with you today.

I’ve been there.

I’ve found myself being and staying in student mode more than once.

You have to make a deliberate and intentional decision to start applying the knowledge and taking action on what you learned or the education is for not.

Here’s what happens to new entrepreneurs.

They recognize they need a change in their life either in the area of time or financial improvement and because having a home based business is so feasible, they join one.

They have high hopes, feeling excited about their endeavor.

They start studying.  They learn about the products, the compensation plan, how to market.

  • They are on every conference call.
  • They are on every company and team training webinars and Google hangouts.
  • They respond to emails and stay connected.
  • They post positive sayings to Facebook.T
  • They get to every event.
  • They buy programs and trainings like crazy

All of these are admirable and important to one’s success.  However… there’s something missing.  It’s one really important ingredient.

Taking Action!

They don’t implement to take massive action on what they’re learning.

3 Tips To Move From Student To Taking Action

I guess I should start this by saying you never want to stop learning!

You’ll always be a student, however, there comes a time that a student needs to start implementing what they are learning if they want to see forward movement in their business.

Here’s a few tips that I learned back in 2006 when I was first getting started in a home based business.  It helped me identify what was going on internally with me what was manifesting my nose in the book to much (my comfort zone).

Tip 1:  Set aside some quiet, uninterrupted time to drill down deep within yourself and ask yourself some questions.


1)  Assess yourself to see whether you’re a professional student who stops short of implementation and taking massive action on moving your business forward.  Recognizing it is the first step.  After all, you can’t fix a problem you haven’t identified.

You’d think it’s a funny question to ask yourself but many people are not aware of what they are doing.  You have to be honest with yourself.

I discovered after coaching dozens of people who are professional students, they didn’t realize what they were doing.  They were counting study time and event time as work time.  Study hours and attending events fall under personal development and growth.  These are not money making activities. So, it’s an awareness and shift in thinking.  There is a difference between studying, attending events and such AND… doing income producing activities.

You’re in business to make money after all!

2)  Once you’ve identified that “stuck in student mode” is the problem, ask yourself why that is.  Why is it that you are such a proficient study, yet fall short of massive action and implementation so you can begin to get results and see what works and how to change things up?

Drill down deep and be true to yourself.  No telling yourself lies now.

You may be surprised at what you find.  Here’s some areas to search and see if perhaps there’s a hangup or glitch in your thinking here.  Ask yourself what you’re afraid of if you start taking action…

  •  –  Family and friends won’t accept you anymore
  • -  You’ll lose it all after you get it.
  • -  That special someone in your life won’t feel like you need them anymore.
  • -  Your kids will be lacking in time spent with you.
  • -  You aren’t good enough.
  • -  You’ll be judged by others.
  • -  You’ll become a person you don’t want to be with money.
  • -  You’re not really going to succeed so why bother.
  • -  Any number of things!

People come into entrepreneurship with dreams and goals yet when it comes down to getting it done, they often self-sabotage and don’t realize what’s going on.

By going through this exercise, you’ll be able to identify where your glitch is… the glitch holding you back from taking action… so you can change your mind about that belief and move forward.

Truth is, being an entrepreneur is more about self-growth and who you become in the process, than the actual making money part of it.  The money will come as the inner man developments.

Tip 2:  Realize it’s ‘hands on experience’ that will bring you the greatest education.


Think about everything you’ve ever done in your life.  It was all hands on experience that brought you the success in accomplishing your goal.

  • Learning to walk, eat, talk, run.
  • Learning to ride a bike, drive a car, having friends and relationships.
  • Learning to cook, taking pictures, growing flowers.
  • Learning time management, getting into the routine of your current job, running your home, raising kids.
  • Hobbies… collecting baseball cards, scrapbooking, rebuilding classics, sailing, making pottery, fishing, dancing, scuba diving.
  • Learning to play sports, understanding the rules of the game and wearing the gear.

Reading books and watching videos is great.  It’s necessary to learning and education.  But there’s no better way to learn.. and there’s always mistakes along the way… than to just get started.

You will learn by implementing two strategies and neither are optional.

Wisdom and Failing.

  • You gotta fall off the bike before you learn to stay on it.
  • You gotta swallow some water before you learn to swim.
  • You gotta throw out some food before you learn to make some good recipes.
  • You gotta fumble the ball and miss the basket before becoming a ball player.

Failing and making mistakes is how we grow and learn and discover what does work.  It’s just how it is.

 Tip 3:  Have Fun and Become Like A Child Full of Curosity


If you can remember back to when you were a kid, you’ll be reminded that you wanted to discover things.  You wanted to know why and how something worked.  You were curious and adventurous and sought out answers and new experiences.  You wanted to “try that“.

If you can approach your business the same way, you’ll enjoy your journey.  Just get about experimenting and implementing and doing.

  • Don’t worry if a $100 ad makes you a return.  Just discover if it works.  And if it doesn’t, try it again a different way
  • Don’t worry about what others think of you.  It’s your life, your dreams and your purpose.  What they think doesn’t matter.
  • Be adventurous in your marketing.  Try things, tweak things, like a scientist in a lab… or Batman in his Bat Cave…
  • Don’t be attached to the outcome.  It is what it is.  It’s just marketing.  It can’t hurt you, it can’t touch you, it’s just an ad.  All stores and business around the world place ads!  You’re in business, you place ads too!

I hope this helped you to get perspective on maybe why you may be resisting taking massive action in your business if you struggle with this issue.  If you know someone who this may help, please send it along to them.

Leave your comments as I always love hearing from you, and hearing your thoughts and ideas and opinions.  Have a blessed day!

And… I believe in you.  Get your nose out of the book and start implementing!  You can do it!

debbie believe in you

Debbie Turner
Lifestyle Entrepreneur
Helping Others Achieve Their Home Based Business Goals

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