3 Tips for Keeping Friends While Building Your Business

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3 Tips for Keeping Friends

While Building Your Business

Let's say you want more out of life than what you've been getting.  As such, you make a decision that things will change.  You dive into personal development and start a home based business that seems to be taking off nicely.  You're enjoying the journey you're on and taking steps to create time and financial security for you and your family.

This is great, right?

For you? Absolutely!

For your friends?  You may be surprised.

As you become more and more the person and entrepreneur you want to become, your friends will take notice.  They won’t be able to help it.  

You will be more focused on your work, have goals, have new energy in your step, and have a great lookout on the future.  The change will be good but these changes could hinder a friendship or two.

So why would your friends, those who love and care for you the most, sometimes seem less than thrilled about your success? 

You’d think it would be just the opposite.  And, in fair game, often it is, but when you least expect it, you may get some resistance from even your best of friends.

There’s a couple of reasons why this is and with a little awareness and understanding, you can set the table for a good conversation or two with your friend.

Jealousy can mess up a friendship quickly.

One possibility for the hiccup could be that your friend is jealous of your new success.  It’s not so much as you becoming successful as it is your friend is not taking the same path.  Your success may be causing them to feel inferior.

TIP #1:

Engage your friend in conversation and dialog in what they are doing and validate their work as being important.  Do this sincerely and take a true interest.

Help your friend take an interest in something they’ve always wanted to pursue and encourage them to go after what they want.  Be a great cheerleader for them.  It can be anything new, a hobby even, not necessarily work related.

No more pitty parties?

If the relationship with this friend prior to your “new you” involved some great pitty parties, those probably don’t serve you very well these days.

There will definitely be differences in conversations, the words you choose, your new positive thoughts and mindset about what's possible.  

This can be awkward when one person is developing and using the power of positive thinking to move forward in life and the other does not. 

Furthermore, the friend that does not develop and grow, doesn’t understand the power of these things. 

What happens is it puts two individuals at a totally different level of understanding of what’s possible.

TIP #2

The two of you can grow apart on those levels but if you you love each other as true friends do, it will be worth working through.  You can certainly come together on common ground and do all the things you love to do together.  Just make sure that your friend doesn’t pull you down.  That’s never healthy.

Help your friend to see the bright side of things and help them become solutions oriented rather than problem dwellers.  Turn those pitty parties into power parties.  Empower them to be more, do more but don't push.

Could your friend be feeling like you don’t need them anymore?

Friends rely on friends to help them through life.  If you are doing well, your friend my not see that their influence or time with you would mean anything.

TIP #3

If this is a person you want to keep in your life, simply saying the words to them "hey, I'm glad we're friends", will go along way.

When your friend makes a statement or comment that ads value to your business and your life,  let the person know you appreciate their thoughts and comments.

You can initiate an outing, send flowers or mailing a handwritten card (for guys….hosting a party for a ball game, or Saturday BBQ) will go a long way.

Friends who are friends at the deepest level of commitment will work through any obstacles.  The ones who do not communicate and seem to not care after awhile, you may have to question whether they were really friends at all.

What are some things you do to maintain your friendships in a positive, growing, nurturing manner?  Please leave me a comment and share. 

To Your Lifelong Friendships and Success!


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  1. says

    Hi Deb,

    You make some good points. Jealousy could be a big issue even if you’re friend doesn’t want to admit or even recognize that’s what they are feeling/experiencing.

    I also think if you’re growing and the other person is not or simply does not function at the same level and/or capacity it may be best to move on.

    That said, you must still be nice and helpful at times, and it doesn’t mean blow them off completely, but surrounding yourself with more like minded people would definitely serve you better.

    Remember, if someone isn’t making you stronger, they are making you weaker.

    .-= Fredric´s last blog ..An Inside Look At Global Resorts Network =-.

  2. says

    Great post and a great web site. Must admit I got lost a couple of times. But I finally got it figured out. I especially appreciate that you “know whom you have believed in and are persuaded that he is able to keep that which you’ve committed unto him until that day”.

  3. says

    Hey, I’m glad we’re buddys. :)

    I’m beginning to see through my own eyes that all of the action going on online (aka business) can drain some life out of what were once the brightest relationships in an entrepreneur’s life… At the very least, relationships will be put under a magnifying glass and tested thoroughly on any entrepreneur’s path of personal development. It’s rough but it’s true.

    There are some people I need to go appreciate… Thanks for reminding me with this post today Debbie.

    .-= Garrett Miller´s last blog ..How Were You Purple Today? =-.

  4. Debbie Turner says

    Awesome! Thank you. I was just wondering how you found me. I’m heading over to your blog. Debbie

  5. says

    ahhhh … the pity parties and coffee clutches. Essentially our networking buddies for mediocrity and failure …

    True friends are the ones that are their for the lows and the highs … thanx for sharing your awesome post … Jason =)

  6. says

    Hi Debbie,
    You have such a gentle way of discussing difficult or tricky topics. I appreciate this post because you clarify for readers some of the main reasons “friends” may act differently toward us once we have made decisions to follow our dreams. I have personally experienced some heartbreak with people I believed were my friends because of the reasons you outline here. At the end of the day, we each have to decide who truly matters to us and who may not be a real friend.
    Thanks for you insights.
    Mary Lou
    .-= Mary Lou Kayser´s last blog ..How Are You Really Doing in Your Primary Network Marketing Opportunity? A Survey =-.

  7. says

    Hi Debbie

    You make 3 great tips. It’s just with with any relationship whether one is married or with a partner, communication is key and that also applies to friendships. As we grow and change careers or make transition in other aspects of our lives, we need to share with our friends and include them with what is going on. Some friends understand while for others it may take a while to get on board, and then there are those who just check out.

    True friends will be with you through the good, bad and ugly times.
    .-= Jane´s last blog ..Stepping into Your Power and Facing Your FEARS… Part I =-.

  8. says

    Hi Debbie,

    This post hit home for me because I went through the jealousy phase with a few friends when I decided that I wanted more than a 9-5 and started to dive into personal development. I am still friends with everyone but some I keep at a distance because of like you said “Pity Parties” misery does love company and I do not welcome that into my life anymore. Great post!

    .-= Lori Robertson´s last blog ..Overcoming Adversity And Defeat =-.

  9. says

    I love this, and it seems like it is perfect timing. I really appreciate you Debbie. I am trying to be more conscious of making my conversations more geared too their needs, instead of talking about myself and what I'm doing.  I think my friends are seeing that I am still genuine. Although when I speak of what I am learning or doing in business, 60 % of people are skeptical about working from home on line using the internet.  So I am learning to exhort them, and their dreams but still be honest with my beliefs.  Although some are skeptical, I still find most of the people in my closest of closest (even if they don't believe i am on the right track) still love me and support me. On the other hand everyone doesn't know what i am doing yet.  But I will be ready to know how to answer everyman with the training that i have been receiving. Thanks Louise

  10. Stanley says

    Being in retail, a shifting schedule precludes meaningful interaction with many people. The only time I have a weekend off is when I am on vacation, so it is the nature of my lifestyle that severely limits the number of close friends I have. That said, I have already made the decision that as I travel the road of my newest adventure, that I will be understanding, kind, supportive, friendly when my friends and I encounter each other. I am consciously making a major effort to put them at ease as they sense that there are changes occuring in my life, and at some point, when I have something meaningful to share, I will fill them in on what I am doing, and how it could very well benefit them. To those who decide to follow me, I will do my level best to help them succeed. To those who decide to pass on the opportunities I will lay before them, we will simply follow divergent paths. It is the nature of life to constantly meet new people, some become good friends while others just become friends, and over time, distant friends. I am of the opinion that friendships once created, should be valued, nuirtured, and cherished, even when great distances seperate.Friendships should never be underestimated, or undervalued, for in this life, true friendships, irrespective of our individual circumstances should always be treated with respect.

  11. robert says

    This is a real good topic and hits home pretty good with me. You need to surround yourself with likeminded people and ones that are positive in wht they think and do. I truly believe that theres karma and if you put that out ,guess whats coming back to you. The people that do it t,well they really don't realize it I think but never the less it happens. You don't want to be rude but on the other hand you can't be around it. It will suck the life right out of you. I know in order to be succesful you need to stay positive and keep up about the things you wish to accomplish.I appreciated your post the good ones are far and inbetween!

  12. robert says

    I would be happy to share a few thoughts and maybe learn some new ideas from people that are doing what I want to do myself! I think if you follow a good mentor or somebody that takes the time to give you insight,it sure makes the goals come realitys a little bit easier.Im new to the I.M. world and would like to learn as much as I can aboutr this business. Ive been messing around and to be honest actually bouncing around from product to program and seriously not getting anywhere.I feel deep down that it is definitly achievable but dont have the knowledge. I ran into an awesome product and think it has a lot of potential  to make a lot of money! Im real excited about it and compared to a lot of other programs not to expensive! Whats the best way to get people involved in something that is cool without pushing…nobody likes a pushy saleman type person. Just a way to let people know about it ! Thanks for the help and sorry so long! lol

  13. Debbie Turner says

    Hi Robert…

    Thanks for taking the time and sharing your thoughts.

    You’re absolutely right… negative people will eat you alive. With you being new to the IM world, it’s fabulous you recognize that right away.

    If I can make a suggestion about your comment “bouncing around from product to program and not getting anywhere”, sounds like you found something you can be excited about so you may want to super focus, focus, focus on that.

    I love your energy and commitment to yourself and your business. Awesome! Keep that up and you positively will get to where you want to be.

    ~ Debbie


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