3 Hardcore Rules In Network Marketing Success

Network Marketing Success has just as much to do with your character as all the other things you have to learn when starting your business.

With more and more people coming online to start their businesses, there are rules that will help you get to where you want to go if you follow them. 

While I'm sure there are many more that can be added, it basically comes down to this:

"Do unto others as you would have others do unto you"

You know, there are so many fabulous opportunities in the world for entrepreneurship. So many in fact, often times people are overwhelmed by the choices.

  • There's thousands of make money online opportunities. 
  • There are thousands of network marketing and MLM companies always looking for great affiliates to take on leadership and build a home based business. 
  • And there's affiliate marketers where all they do is offer tools and products for sale.

As each individual (on both the buying and offering-selling side) varies in their interests, likes and dislikes,  not all products, tools and resources will appeal and be right for everyone.  Thank goodness we are so different, yes? 

At the end of the day however, regardless of what you offer on your menu of services, there are basic common sense business rules to follow. 

Here's what I think is important.


Network Marketing Success – What are you attracting?

No secret here…. before you can achieve network marketing success, you MUST have a positive attitude about life, opportunities and business.  Let's say you're starting your business venture and because maybe you're not achieving as fast as you want, you post to Facebook for the world to see, all the struggles and challenges you have and you are begging people to join your opportunity so you can make money to pay your bills. 

Are you thinking about how that reflects on your opportunity and you as someone who is leading them?  What you're saying in essence, is that " if you join my business, you will be buying the same misery I'm in and we can complain and struggle together."   

Will that attract people and cause them to want to join your opportunity?  NO!  Don't pre-judge or think that you're experience will be the same experience of the next guy by the way.  Everyone grasps marketing at different speeds.  You may be doing the wrong things, getting the wrong training, or have so many fears that you can't move forward but the guy who joins you jumps into different marketing, uses different tools and choose to seek out good training. 

Entrepreneurship is a very personal decision and journey.  Everyone's experience is different.  So don't quash the spirit of others who need to hear the great news of entrepreneurship because you are having struggles.

What if you were just always complaining about something?  The weather, your health, your kids, your job, other people and opportunities…. how negative is that! 

You want network marketing success.  So bring inspiration, uplifting comments and positive quotes into your conversations.  Encourage others, look at the glass "half full".  Find the good in people and learn to find the gold nuggets of growth and character building in your challenges.  Learn to dream and be a visionary.

When you do this, people will be more attracted to want to hang out with you.  They want to hear more from you.  Why?  Because the society we live in is negative, it's broke, it can be mean and ugly.  The forecast on the news is gloom and doom (that's called media marketing at it's best!)  Be the light and strength among those who come across your path.

People want to be around and follow positive, movers and shakers who can rally around challenges and obstacles to achieve their dreams and goals.  Be that person.


Network Marketing Success – Move fast and break things

I heard David Wood with Empower Network just talking about this which is what inspired this blog post.  Here's what he's talking about.

You take on a business opportunity which regardless of whether you have before and failed or not, let's assume this time it's different because you're really motivated and ready to take on the world.  You're ready for that change.  You're sick and tired of being sick and tired. 

Here's what you want to do. 

You want to get so focused and so on fire and aggressive that you experience growing pains. 

You face challenges at every turn but you're "adult" and are plowing through them because you know it's good for you.  You have new teammates that are calling for help, your email is blowing up and you've got to get to that, you have to keep your marketing momentum up, your computer crashes, your webinar service malfunctioned with 100 people in attendance, your YouTube channel is suspended for absolutely no good reason, your article still hasn't been submitted and your Facebook PPC ads keep getting disapproved. 

If this is going on, guess what?  You are experiencing pain.  And with growth there's pain.  If you're not in pain, you're not growing, you're not implementing enough, you're not stirring it up enough. 

Just like kids in their teenage years as their bones and muscles stretch, they experience growing pains.  You should want and expect your business growth and challenges to be real and often.  Do everything you can do to get through these challenges, the pain and struggle. 

Will you ever succeed?  Yes, IF you stay the course.  You may add or remove various things you offer to others but stay the course.  Some succeed immediately (few and far between).  For others it may take 4, 5, 9 years of growing pains but stay consistent, do personal development, make mistakes, face challenges.

There's only 1 or 2% that make it to the top.  Why?  Because people are not disciplined or motivated enough to go after what they want.  We live in a fast food society and where people want instant results.  They want weight loss, financial gain, problems in relationships resolved, higher positions in the corporate world, all to happen overnight.  But they can't have instant anything  because life doesn't work that way.   And to make matters worse, with the invention of the microwave for instant food, media and technology for instant communication around the world, people think that everything in life should be "push button" instant gratification.

Well, some things just can't be rushed so it comes down to whether you're willing to pay the price of time, energy and effort to achieve your goals.  Simple, cut and dry.  98% are more comfortable on the couch than in the virtual classroom learning how to market.  They'd rather be reading the latest mystery novel than personal development books on how to think like the wealthy.

You've got to be person who can dry their tears, wipe the blood from their knees and get up and keep going.  It's really about the inner transformation.  And it's hard to change old habits of thoughts and behaviors.

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Network Marketing Success – Take an Ethical Inventory

a) Don't be someone you're not or advertise under the pretense your someone else.  Don't use other people's names and pictures in your ads just because they are popular unless you have written expressed consent.   You would not want someone to take your image and name and put on a piece of marketing without your permission, so never assume that would be ok.  It's not.

b)  Don't mess with someone else's team in network marketing.   Again, it's do under others as you would have someone do unto you.  It's unethical to go after someone's team for your financial gain.  In your advertising, should someone in someone else's team see your ad and contact you about what you're offering, that's different.  But to deliberately call or contact them or take advantage of a position you hold where you deal with other teammates such as a coach, webinar host, group leader, someone in leadership position, about your agenda when they are under someone elses sponsorship is not cool in my opinion.

Here's what I do.  Let's say I'm in XYZ company and I have 3 tools and resources I use.  And a team member from another sponsor who is also in XYZ company calls and asks for help or an idea and I have a tool or resource that can help them.  I will ask them to find out from their sponsor whether or not THEY have that and if so, to get it from them. 

I understand not everyone feels that way because some see dollar signs before considering the overall best for the team, the individuals involved and maybe even the company.   So I guess then, if their teammate calls me and asks me about something that most likely I know they're using, I can undercut them and sign them up?  How would that other sponsor feel about my leadership, my integrity and my business practices?  How does that establish trust for future business ventures? 

Well, I don't know, maybe they are ok with that and for the life of them, can't see anything wrong with doing that.   For me, I simply choose to not practice my business that way.  Everyone has their own ideals of integrity.  I always ask the question, "Would I like someone doing that to me?"  "Who's best interest am I serving?"  "Am I hurting someone's business?"  "Am I disrupting or hurting a relationship?"  By making a conscience effort to think through the bigger picture, this always keeps me in integrity.

c)  Never lie, cheat or steal.  Doesn't it feel good to do the right thing?  Enough said about that.

d)  Never bad mouth someone else's business opportunity or the tools and resources they use.  That is unprofessional and a character flaw that really stands out.  Have you heard a respected leader trash talk another respected leader?  Or criticize something they do?  It only makes the one doing the criticizing look foolish and can damage their reputation.

Leaders should support others in their journey for the good of all and in the spirit of entrepreneurship. 

What someone else is marketing may not fit your menu of services, but there's enough room for everyone to offer what they feel their list, their customers and clients, and their prospects may be interested in based on benefits to solve their problems.  As entrepreneurs we are problem solvers, solutions providers.  Always be the bigger person and refuse to run down other people.  It's very noticeable and it's not attractive either in network marketing or brick and mortar.

Leave me a comment, I'd love to hear YOUR take on network marketing success tips!


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