18 Critical Lessons You’ll Learn With Facebook Advertising Mastery


Facebook Advertising Mastery


Facebook Advertising can be the most rewarding in terms of building your list and generating income for your business of any kind, however, so many individuals I know “try” and then “stop” because it’s too complicated and you get shut down threats from admin when you unknowingly do the wrong thing.

Been there, done that.

I have a solution for you but it’s time sensitive.

I’ve been In the internet marketing business since 2007 and by far, my friend Michelle, is the most qualified individual to teach and coach on the subject of Facebook Advertising Marketing.

She has developed a training and coaching program that starts March 16, 2015.  If you’re a person who likes a little ‘hand holding’, THIS is your course.  You will have the attention of Michelle where she can help you troubleshoot as you begin your Facebook marketing advertisements.

Michelle is a 7 figure earner and she’s done it using Facebook.  I simply cannot recommend her enough.  I have purchased her Facebook courses in the past and they are over the top with value, she leaves no stone uncovered, and has a heart to serve her students.

Here are 18 critical elements you will discover through the coaching program called Facebook Advertising Mastery

  1. How to create Facebook retargeting pixels so you can sneakily follow your website visitors & leads around on Facebook (ever wonder why Amazon.com ads follow you around all over the internet? this is how, and it’s lethal…)
  2. How to upload your leads’ e-mail addresses to create a Custom Audience and have your ads show up in their Facebook news feed, side bar, and on their mobile devices… you become a sniper with this tactic.
  3. How to create a ‘Lookalike’ Audience of your buyers: Facebook will actively go to work for you and finds millions of people who are ‘Similar’ to your current buyers (gender, age, interests, etc) so you can advertise your offer to people most likely to buy! (GENIUS!)
  4. How to create & install a Facebook retargeting pixel on your blog so that when prospects visit your blog, you can follow them around when they are on Facebook with ads to YOUR products, services, offers, and business.
  5. How to create ALL of your ads the right way the first time around so you don’t lose any more money in your business! (and this time actually MAKE money)
  6. How to get your ad approved (this is only 1/10th of the battle, and most marketers never even make it past this part)
  7. How to identify your target audience (the audience that will buy your stuff the most!)
  8. How to create 3 or 4 different images for split testing
  9. How to test, evaluate the metrics, and OPTIMIZE the ad for maximum results & profit (watch me to this REAL-TIME to my personal ads – just a 1% increase in conversions could mean THOUSANDS of dollars for you!)
  10. How to dial in the demographics that make you the most money (women or men, 30’s or 40’s, where they live, etc)
  11. Desktop, mobile, or news feed ads: which one is most profitable (and why)
  12. How long do you run the ad before it’s run it’s course should be taken down? (there is a science to this… get this wrong and FB will take your money)
  13. How to avoid getting shut down… If you get shut down, the party’s over! (this could be the most valuable thing you take away from this Survival System)
  14. Should you keep your past ‘successful’ ads in your ad manager? (the answer, and why, will surprise you)
  15. Why Organic Reach & free advertising in your news feed is completely worthless according to the Facebook CEO
  16. What Native Advertising is, why you need to embrace it, and how to start leveraging it TODAY for instant exposure & leads via Facebook.
  17. How to create Page Post engagement ads the right way to get noticed, get ‘Likes,’ and get LEADS!
  18. How to target your fans with specific gifts, bonuses, and offers that convert like wildfire because they already “Like” you! (this is the easiest money-maker in the Survival System)

I hope you’ll take advantage of this wonderful coaching and hand holding opportunity if you are wanting to start or improve your Facebook marketing.  I’m confident you’ll be well taken care of and learn what you need to learn to get the results you want.


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Have a great day and I’ll talk to you soon.

Debbie Turner (pictured with Michelle in the middle, who’s teaching this class)

Facebook Advertising mastery




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