13 Qualities of Successful People

successsignIt's fascinating to study, identify and compare characteristics and qualities of successful people.  

If one desires to be successful, it would make sense to study and identify the commonalities they share that have taken them to where they wanted to be. 

For the purpose of this blog, I'm going to share with you what I have found to be the common habits and thoughts to succeed in business.

I've spent the last several years with mentors, coaches and business partners who earn multi-millions annually.  And, I've seen more, that 98% you hear about who start a business, either fail or remain status quo. 

So what is it about these qualities of successful people you can apply and win?

With regards to my experiences and in reading about the lives of successful people I haven't met, I know this is true.  Every one who has achieved success has battled and worked through some of the same issues in terms of establishing belief systems, developing new habits and making decisions about what they want in life and then go after it.

So what is success anyway?

Jeffrey Combs said it beautifully:

Success is an attitude.  Success is a habit.  Success is attainable to all who desire it, who believe they deserve to have it, and who are willing to turn their desires into action.

Success has no secrets.  When questioned, those who have been successful are quick to tell about their complete devotion to attaining their goals and dreams.  They speak of the commitment to developing their craft with passion and zest.  The theme is always the same.  "They paid the price for the privilege of their success."


How badly do you want to achieve your dreams?  How great is your desire to have a lifestyle you've fantasized about?  Successful people always find the time and a way to do the things they are burning inside to do. 

Your age, background, gender, education, appearance, really have little to do with your success.  It's all about your desire to succeed because when your desire is strong enough, there's nothing that will stop you.  You will be willing to change, think differently, act differently and even change the people you hang out with.  And best of all, you'll be excited and passionate about this process.

Here ere are 13 qualities of successful people as listed by Jeffrey Combs.  How do you measure up against this list?

Successful people have dreams.   This must be bigger than paying your bills.  If your dream is to be out of debt, are you saying that just getting back to zero is your lifelong dream?  Rediculous isn't it?  If you keep focusing on your bills, you will get more of those.  Focus on your big dreams and allow those to come into focus.

Successful people are achievers. 

Successful people have drive and determination.

Successful people are focused.

Successful people learn to take action.

Successful people take responsibility for their actions.

Successful people look for solutions to their problems.

Successful people make decisions and stick to them.

Successful people can admit when they make a mistake.

Successful people are self-reliant.

Successful people live in the process of constant improvement.

Succcessful people develop leaders.

Successful people have enthusiasm for the process.

You can see by reading over this list, successful people are not average.  They are above average.  I'm not talking about above average in "school" or "background education", I'm talking about above average in desire and commitment to accomplish what they set out to do. 

Average people operate from a position of fear.  Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of rejection, fear of commitment.  Fear truly is the thief of your dreams!

Your life and ultimately your success are your own personal responsibility.  Successful people take matters into their own hands to accomplish their goals and dreams.  They don't sit around waiting for a knock at the door or for someone else to hand them a silver platter.  The road is always bumpy but the successful person is always clothed with the right shoes to tread the terrain.

Success is a privelege earned by those who have paid the price, by those who have made the sacrifice of time and energy to learn their craft, by those who have bathed in personal development to aquire the mindset, by those who have stayed the course for a long time with consistent action.   

By reviewing this list, you may find some strengths and weaknesses and if you truly desire success, reach within yourself to fill in the gaps.  A good place to start that sets the pace for everything else is your vision for your success.  Can you feel your success?  Can you see it?  Feel it?  Hear it?  Smell it?  Taste it?  Successful people create a vision or a blueprit of their mission.  What does yours look like?

What gives you YOUR drive to succeed?  Why are YOU in the game of success?  I love hearing stories, the "whys", the challenges and how people have overcome to achieve their outcome.  Please leave a comment and share.  If you like this post, please retweet and share the love.


  1. Debbie Turner says

    Hey Steve, yes, the idea of just getting out of debt is silly when you put it in perspective :)  Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment.  I appreciate that! 

  2. says

    Hy Debbie,
    You´ve virtually created this post ny pulling the information directly from your heart and passion. Im very certain that we can achieve most goals that we set ourselves, when we do take consistent actions, are willing to pay the price, sacrifice ourselves and we are passionate about it.
    Fear, self-doubt, self-pity, excuses or whatever are the purpose of why we should creat actions. Everyone is confronted with it and every successful person has overcome it. Please correct me, they haven´t overcome it once, rather hundreds and thousands of times and that´s why they are so successful.
    They aren´t looking for any excuses, people that they can blame or whatever they just commited them to an ongoing process.
    Thanks a ton for doing this excellent homework for us here today.
    Have an amazing day,

  3. Debbie Turner says

    I Gerald,

    I can hear your passion and understanding of the same thing.  We share those core values.  My post was inspiried by the teachings of Jeffrey Combs, one of my mentors.  Thank you for your thoughts and taking time leave a comment.  I appreciate it!  Likewise, you have an amazing weekend. 


  4. says

    Debbie.  Thank you for the reminder of the attributes possessed by successful people.  The question in my mind is "do you want it bad enough"?  Are you willing to take action, make mistakes, learn from those mistakes, and keep on going no matter the challenges? 
    Thanks, Scott Pollov

  5. Sujata says

     Hello Debbie,
    I was awesome and good learning for the article very nicely written. thanks for the input.

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