10 Steps to Re-Enter the Home Based Business Arena After Failure

There’s rarely a day that goes by that I don’t get a phone call from someone who says, “Debbie, I used to be in XYZ company but that didn’t work out.  I tried but couldn’t do it.”

For these individuals, it’s often hard for them to start another business because the first one was such a nightmare.  The calling of people, chasing family and friends, handing out business cards in the grocery store lines and hosting hotel and home meetings.  No wonder!  That was yesterday.   Home based business owners have more choices today.

If you are one of those individuals who have fought the good fight in a home based business in the past and lost, but feel deep down you could make a go of it with the right marketing strategies and mentorship, then you ought to kick the negative, self-defeating thoughts in the butt and out of your mind and be about your dreams.

To re-enter the home based business arena after having done this myself, I strongly believe if one follows these 10 steps, re-entry will not only be less stressful, but also more rewarding and enjoyable.

1)  Take a couple weeks prior to jumping in and clear out the “noise” or “chatter”  in your mind.  You know . . the one that asks yourself, “Can you really do this?  You are such a failure”!  To help you with this, decide how you are going to deal with those individuals in your life who will want to put you down and poke fun at your idea to start a business.   Begin reading personal development books and listening to motivational CD’s.  Understand that your home based business is still a real business and must be treated as such.  Therefore, you will need patience.

2)  Write out your “why” for wanting to be successful in a home based business and be very specific.

3)  Come to terms with past failures of your home based business endeavors and understand that for the most part, it wasn’t your fault.  Most likely you did not have the right tools and resources you needed as well as basic personal development information to make a go of it.

4)  Let go of the past and come to the table with a new, fresh start and great attitude.  Belief in your ability to learn how to market is crucial.  Believing in your product or service is important. Believing that you deserve to have success is 98% of the battle.

5)  Come in with “service to others” on your mind.  How can you enhance and help others?  It’s not about you, it’s really about others and making a difference to them.

6)  Get the educational materials you need (and it’s not every book and gadget that comes across your email – even if it seems to be the worlds best internet marketing tools) and not only study it, but study and then immediately implement what you learned.  Applied knowledge is king.

7)  Make sure you partner with someone who cares about your business and has a vested interest in your success.  Make sure they are available for help (not hand holding, but help) and find out what resources are available for you to learn.

8) Decide BEFORE you re-enter the home based business arena, that you are commited to seeing it through to success.  This means that no matter how long it takes to learn, you’re in the game of entrepreneurship and you will do what you need to do to make it happen.

9)  Make sure your partner will support you in today’s effective marketing strategies and has the ability to go with the flow of changes that come along.  Today’s effective marketing strategies include all things web 2.0, including, social media marketing, podcasting, video and article marketing, blogging, social networking, pay per click advertising, direct mailings, etc.

10) Commit to personal development every day.  Stay true to yourself, your dreams and your priorities in life.  Don’t let others shut you down.

Watch for upcoming articles to help you with each of these individual steps.

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Debbie Turner


  1. says

    I know that I’m taking all the right steps – they just have to put altogether. This is completely new to me. Still learning the bells and whistles on my new computer (hadn’t updated since 2000). My biggest thing, actually it is HUGE – I have NEVER been a quitter and don’t plan to start now – just need some guidance and there is SO MUCH out. Prioritation has NEVER been my problem until now – Hope somebody can give me a little push in the right direction.
    Thank You

    Nicole Bennett

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