10 Step Game Plan Network Marketers Use to Establish Leadership Credibility in Just 30 Days

group_of_people XSmallNetwork Marketing Leaders understand how important it is for the newbie to establish leadership posture and confidence as quickly as possible for the best chance of survival in the industry.

In my own experience, grasping this concept turned my business around.  After failing for a year under old school marketing and therefore offering no value or leadership to others, I failed miserably.  As soon as I understood the principals of attraction, relationship, and teaching marketing, my leadership posture improved and so did my business.  Within just a month, I was able to join the ranks of network marketing leaders.

People want to join a network marketing business with someone they feel they know, like and trust as well as demonstrates leadership qualities.  More than anything, people searching for a home based business opportunity want to feel like they resonate with their sponsor and feel confident that the sponsor can lead them to success.

If in fact leadership plays such a critical role in the success of the home based business owner, here’s the million dollar questions.

How does a brand new home based business owner posture themselves as a leader?

How does the struggling network marketer pull themselves together, regroup and come out the gate a leader?

The idea of being a leader often frightens and intimidates the newbie simply because they don’t have much of a clue about running a successful business. Likewise, the struggling network marketer suffers from poor self esteem because they haven’t had success yet. In both instances, they feel inadequate to lead, guide or give advice because leadership is a road they haven’t gone down yet and they are still learning themselves.

Network marketing leaders discovered early on that leadership is an on the job training position in the home based business model. It starts with a mindset and belief that one can be a leader and requires the study of what leaders do, how they act, and then implement those behaviors to become that which they desire.

Personal development and implementation of what was learned will play the biggest part in becoming a leader. The more personal development one does, the faster, and more effective that person becomes in joining other network marketing leaders.

The network marketer must act like a leader and do what leaders do before they can become one. Most people think it’s the other way around; be a leader first, then you’ll act like a leader and then you’ll be a leader. In reality it works the other way.  In this instance, one really is putting the cart before the horse.

So let’s get down to business. For the newbie just starting out as well as the struggling network marketer who has been failing due to lack of posture, here’s a simple 10 step game plan for establishing themselves as a Leader.

Strategy 1:

Begin a personal development routine. Be committed every day to consume information via books, CD’s, tapes, and make sure many include leadership topics.

Strategy 2:

Publish information by way of video, articles, blogs, emails to your list, etc. on what you’ve learned about the subject. Don’t announce that you just learned something but rather just teach it.  In this way, you don’t have to sell.  Instead teach, share your knowledge.  People will be attracted to you because you can teach them something.

Strategy 3:

Know how to respond to specific objections that prospects will have about joining your business opportunity so that you aren’t thrown off guard or find your heart at your feet and loose credibility. This is the biggest reason network marketers are afraid to talk to people about their business. They’re terrified that that they won’t know what to say and how to handle objections. They fear rejection.

Strategy 4:

Study from some of the world’s best business trainers like Jeffrey Combs and Dani Johnson on how to maintain control of a phone conversation and how to effectively and easily handle objections. You will learn how to posture yourself as a leader in the way you hold yourself in a conversation. You will learn about different personality types.  Simply being able to be confident in your phone conversations will demonstrate your leadership abilities.

Strategy 5:

Know how to help a new business partner enroll into your business. Have a step by step plan for them. I recommend you put together a welcome email that gives them a step by step process in how to get started fast in their business.  Pre coach your prospects and let them know this will be coming immediately when they join.

Strategy 6:

Have a training platform for them to immediately plug into to learn internet marketing. This training platform really needs to be a step by step video training platform. Most people are visual learners and want to be shown how to do things. They don’t want to be handed a manual and told to read and interpret the instructions. You’ll loose them. If you don’t have a video training platform, I recommend plugging into one that can be personally branded to you. This is great for newbies because they don’t have the skillsets yet and to hand them one that’s already done with all the training videos that they can show their prospects is perfect for leadership posturing.

Strategy 7:

Meet with your new and struggling business partners at least one time a week to answer their questions, help keep them focused and on track with their next step in the marketing process and to encourage them. Be a partner and their biggest cheerleader.

strategy 8:

In your ad copy, talk about your training platform, your one on one coaching, your webinars and reassure them that you are committed to their success.

Strategy 9:

In your marketing materials share business building tips and know-how. Offer resources and why they may want to use them. Give away your best stuff. This is what network marketing leaders do.

Strategy 10:

Role model to your prospects and new team members what leadership is about.  Be active in your business, implementing your marketing, leading by example. Again, this is what network marketing leaders do.  Lead by example.

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