1 Year of Whining and in 2 Hours, Problem Solved


bamboo penOkay, okay, okay…. I have a no holding back, laying my cards on the table, full confession to make.

I tell people to not give up on learning technology.

I tell people to come into new concepts and ideas with an open mind.

I tell people to be committed to learning.

Well, have you heard the saying that doctors are the worst patients? 

Guilty as charged.

Here's the short story…

After Mark Hoverson starting drawing, doodling and writing on his webinar presentations, I said to myself, "Wow!  That's cool!  I gotta learn to do that!".  So I called Mark and told me he uses the Bamboo Pen. 

So I ordered the pen (I picked it up at Best Buy or someplace like that for $100 bucks or so.

It arrives, I open the box, and for the next several hours, I try to figure it out, although I wasn't really in the mood to learn new things (which should have been my first clue that it's not the best time to try and learn new technology).  After awhile, I pack it up and put it on my shelf.  I did this on several occasions over the last year.

I remember I have it down the road a bit, so I get it out again.  Same thing.  Can't figure it out.  Now I have an attitude about it… OR, perhaps I should say I had an attitude of "I can't", "It's complicated", whine, boo, hiss, cry baby. 

Fast foward… 1 Year later!!!!

I take the same Bamboo Pen off the shelf, open the same box, I'm the same me… but this time around, I have a good attitude with a pre-determined decision to figure it out.. here's the story and the lesson.


This text will be replaced


So here's the take away:

Don't come to the learning table with a bad attitude.  It serves no purpose, wastes your time and you won't learn what you need to learn.  Take it from me.

Approach any learning from a spirit of gratefulness, enthusiasm, and an open mindedness.  No matter what the topic, you can learn the information.  You may not get it first time around, and in that instance, take the class again and again and again until the lightbulbs come on.  But the attitude toward what your learning, your pre-determined mindset of "I can" or "I can't" will make or break you.

Please leave me a comment and let me know if you've EVER been as silly as I have!





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  1. Crystal Presence says

    Thanks for posting this Debbie.  I've been putting off getting a bamboo pen for the same reason you waited so long.  So thanks for the inspiration!
    What style of bamboo pen did you get?  Which model?  There are a lot of them out there
    I listened to Mark's webinar too so am looking forward to getting through my learning curve :-).
    Best to you, Crystal

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